I would love to hear current owners gas mileage with the Passion---I am on the list, but I am hearing varying accounts of mpg.

Please advise,

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I've only had my Passion a month, and its first fill-up was last week, at 39.3 mpg. That was roughly half highway (drive home from dealer plus a round-trip to the mall) and half suburban/town (commuting to work, running errands, visiting parents). I haven't used the A/C much as I love having the windows down. About half of the first tank was in full auto mode but since then I've discovered I prefer shifting, so will post back after a couple of all-town, all-shift tanks.
I don't know if you guys are all flooring it every where you go with the AC on and the windows down... But I have one of those clever little 'scanguage' computers that plugs into the dash and I average in the mid forty's, and if I drive really carefully it can be over 50... I have 7000 miles now, never a tank less than 43mpg. AND!!!! It seems almost impossible, but I typically get better gas mileage at around 75 miles per hour than cruising the speed limit... Perhaps the gear ratio? I dont know.
Here's a picture...
74% engine load
44 miles to the gallon..
Granted I was behind another car, but if you know of another non-hybrid car on the road getting 44mpg while doing 90, even following someone - well... then you're just a more knowledgeable person than I am, stop bragging about it.
I am crushed. I have filled up my tank twice and once hit 30, the other time my mpg was 29. Everyone assumes I am getting great mileage and, the fact is, I too assumed I would get great mileage. Do I have a dud?
Really???!!! You're only getting 230 miles on a full tank?
Are you way up in the mountains or something?
Elevation changes gas mileage a LITTLE, but not 15-20mpg....
You might want to have your dealership check it somehow.. Unless you literally have the pedal to the floor the whole time you drive, and all 4 tires are deflated (which is also quite dangerous, you little adrenaline junky) There's no logical reason you should get under 30mpg in a car with a 1 liter engine...
I got my new smart on 1.31.2008. In the rest of 2008 I drove 13,701 miles and used 356.30 gallons for a mpg for the year of 38.45.
I have about 4500 miles on my '08 Passion. My average so far is just a hair under 40, with tanks ranging from 35 to 45. I seem to get worse mileage at highway 75 MPH. The worst tank was on a highway trip in a continuous driving rainstorm, so not too surprising that it was bad.
yeah, it's funny with how little these things weigh, scan gauge shows that with about ten miles per hour of wind I'll get 35mpg going against it and 50mpg with the wind behind me, plan your road trips with the weather!!!
My mileage is all over the place -

Prior to this month, I was averaging 33-38 mpg. I get the low end when driving 100% stop 'n go in Boston traffic. Got 40 mpg once, driving 60-65 mph, fall temps on dry roads with little wind. I check tire pressure regularly - 29/36 (front/back).

Recently, I switched to snow tires (blizzak L-18s) and installed a set of yakima cross bars with the basket case (see yakima blog post on 451s.com site). Over 3 fill-ups, I averaged 25-27 mpg. I couldn't believe it. I even ran the tank past the 0.0 mark, unexpectedly emptying the tank on 215 miles. On the other hand, these were the conditions:

> 5-15 degree weather
> added wind resistance due to a ~36" x ~20" wall of luggage on the yakima rack
> avg 70-75 mph, ~3+ rpms, occasionally 4+ (dropping to 4th) to get up sloping hills on the ny turnpike

Without the rack, I got 33-35 mpg in 5 degree weather, averaging 60-65 mph.
I'm on my third tank of gas. Average has been about 40 mpg. I drive 32 miles each way to work. Some highway and some stop and go city driving.
I've been watching this discussion since it's inception and have posted to it a couple of times. My driving is 15% stop and go, 35% highway (55mph+) and 50 % rural (40-55mph). I drive my smart "gently" and practice semi-hypermiling techniques (e.g. coast whenever practical). I have 8,200 + miles on my smart and have averaged 50.23 mpg over that time. As I've suggested in previous posts, the single biggest factor in mileage of similar vehicles is driving habits and skills.

Well, I'm disappointed in my gas mileage. I've put my Mercury Grand Marquis to the side but was getting 22-26 mpg so I think I'm a reasonable driver. I'm having a problem similar to others in that I don't know for sure if my calcs are good - that pesky gas gauge doesn't show full when I fill it up. My perception is that I'm getting 35 mpg and that's a far cry from the 42 I was expecting.

I drive in manual and I'm having a ball!

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