I would love to hear current owners gas mileage with the Passion---I am on the list, but I am hearing varying accounts of mpg.

Please advise,

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This is great to see all the different results; I'm in Charlotte, drive a mile and a half to work each day and come home for lunch each day; with the short commute in town I'm averaging about 34 mpg; I went to VA BCH over the 4th weekend and averaged overall 44 mpg and had 1152 miles on the engine when I left and 1860 miles when I got back. 2 tanks of gas (total 16 gallons) for the whole trip 700 miles...not too shabby! Savanna, GA trip is next weekend and we'll track it on that trip. I use the high test gas, too.
Have gotten as high as 52 but over 1500 miles to date average is 43.
Filled up twice- 1st tank 41.9mpg, second 38.1mpg. Difference, I think was a 100 mile highway trip (but w/some mountain passes) on the first tank, and/or more AC use on the 2nd tank. Most of my driving is 30-50mpg, suburban driving. I'm still playing around in the manual mode and using it about 30% of the time.
Just did Max's record since pick up in May. First fill was from dealer in Lynnfield, MA to home about 225 miles of interstate driving. The rest is just around the Bangor, Me area. About 80% of the time the top has been down as well. Here are the results:

Date Mileage amount Cost miles traveled mileage coat/gal
5/16/08 10 0
5/17/08 241 6.3 $25.19 231 36.66666667 $4.00
5/23/08 502 6.1 $24.96 261 42.78688525 $4.09
5/30/08 791 6.7 $27.06 289 43.13432836 $4.04
6/10/08 1054 6 $25.67 263 43.83333333 $4.28
6/23/08 1359 6.6 $28.32 305 46.21212121 $4.29
7/1/08 1552 4.7 $19.98 193 41.06382979 $4.25
7/7/08 1784 5.3 $22.64 232 43.77358491 $4.27

As you can see I should be pretty happy. So much better than the rover @ 14 mpg, the Jag V-12 @ 13 mpg, the Saab @ 23 mpg or even the Audi @ 28.

Orrington, ME
I'm getting about 33 on my new Passion Cabriolet. Hope to do better as I get more familiar with the shifting system.
I drive about 80% around town and have been getting around 32mpg for he 4 1/2 months I've owned my cabriolet. The car is a little bit of a "challenge" on the freeway as it is suseptible to wind and you feel every bump in the orad. I tend to take my BMW on longer out of town trips.
I now have about 900 miles on my smart passion. I am getting 54 miles per gallon. Probably 80 percent is hyway miles. I drive in automatic mode. I am very light on the gas pedal. Drive like an old lady. In fact the motor seems like it is lugging all of the time. I never go above 60 except a couple of times to see how fast the smart could go. I burn premium gas. All of this driving was without the air conditioner. I am going to start using regular and see what the difference is.
I got 41.2 on a 1362 mile trip from Wisc to Tx. A/C on and going 70 down I-35
Yes, the recommended gas is premium. But, that's usually 20¢ a gallon more than regular, or less than $2.00 per tank. The car will run on regular, but it's probably more about the additives in premium than anything else and for such a small difference, why not treat the kid right?

As for your question: I just took delivery a few days ago and don't have reliable figures yet. I'm a lead foot and that hurts. Word from longer term owners is that MPG improves after the motor is broken in. Combine that with a feather touch on the accelerator and folks are getting upper 30s-low 40s. I am having a hard time with the feather touch thingie.

I would add, I didn't buy my smart based entirely on its MPG. If that was ALL I was interested in, I probably would've bought something else. Get a hybrid like the Prius. It costs more, and is pretty boring, but it is presently tops on the MPG scale.
I have got about 35 mpg on my first two tanks. City and hwy.
I just put in my third tank of gas. This time was ALL town driving and got 39 mpg. (275 miles/7 gallons). yes,the manual says premium
3,400 miles since 29 May @ 49 mpg. Yellow and black passion. I use premium gas. In the city I don’t accelerate fast--keep it slow with even acceleration. On the interstate I drive in the right lane and keep the speed between 50 and 53 mph--sometimes when I’m not paying attention I will speed up to 56 mph or go as low as 47 mph. I let everyone pass me by. I get a lot of smiles, thumbs-up, and pictures from the other drivers. Most freeway drivers are speeding like the cost of gas is $1.25/gal. I drive like gas costs $4.25/gal. I can hardly wait until I take the long freeway trip--Ashtabula, Ohio to Columbus, Ohio in August. I expect that the mpg’s will increase well past 50 mpg.

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