I would love to hear current owners gas mileage with the Passion---I am on the list, but I am hearing varying accounts of mpg.

Please advise,

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I'm averaging approx. 41 mpg with over 5,000 mi on the car.
On my way home from the dealership I got 42 mpg -- all freeway, 70 mph. Since then, I drive mostly around town and get about 33 to 35 consistently.

A hybrid version of this car would be dynamite!
Our best was 58mpg, that was a perfect sunny day mainly highway (no/low traffic). Our average has been in the high 30's /low 40's. I have been writing it all down but have not done the math yet. Also live in San Francisco with lots of stops and starts - drive on the freeway (65mph-75mph) when the traffic allows.

What seems to effect the mileage the most for us is the wind factor. If it is windy it drops considerably. We have just over 2k on the car - also we rarely use the air conditioning. It will be interesting to see if using it changes the gas mileage. We always use super...glug

I get consistent 40-45 MPG when driving with a light foot (city and highway). Pushing the car harder in city or fast ( much above 65) you can expect something in the 30's. (I almost always drive in 'D' since it seems to be the most economical and shifts early.)
I have the Cabriolet, I started at 27 my first tank, then went up to 32 and 35, the best I have had was 37 which was 75/25 City highway. I met a young lady who is a hair stylus where I get my hair 'cut' who was living in Italy where she was born... And just got the Smart delivered here in the USA at the White Plains Dealer (Great people!!) she told me that she only uses "regular" gas, not the high-test, and her average is 42mpg. milage. Why then are we told to use high-test? Maybe I will change and see how it goes.
I think those that are getting high mpg are making sure they are using Premium gas. I don't have my car yet but what I read is that the fourtwo needs that extra octane boost.
Getting 50-55 mpg with my '05 passion diesel.
The worst I got was 35, major head-wind & 70 - 75 mph.
My last 5 tanks have been 43 or so. My guess with those getting
much worse; the car recommends 91 oct. that makes a difference,
and driving style; quick starts & high revving will kill the mileage.
I have almost 3900 miles, and I am averaging 40.2, a mix of city and highway driving.
well curt i think it comes down to where ya live.flat lands better mpgs .more hills less but still good . and dont forget the fun factor!!!!!im on the coast in nc and im getting 45 mpg.low of 39 with the first tank high of 48 before the a/c was needed all the time.
average of 42.95mpg over 4800 miles so far
Hi Curt,

My first tank was 36 mpg and last tank was 39.8. I will admit, however, I tend to drive the Smart like a go-cart while around the city. (smile) Until today, I've always driven the Smart in the manual mode which I tend to shift later than the automatic. On the freeways I tend to drive about 70-75 as that is where the car feels like it wants to run.

Today I did a 127 mile round trip (90% freeway) and drove in "D" mode and tried very hard to keep it at 65 mph. The next two days will be additional highway mileage and I'm trying to see if I can get it over the 40 mpg area.

Stay tuned!

Best wishes,

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