I would love to hear current owners gas mileage with the Passion---I am on the list, but I am hearing varying accounts of mpg.

Please advise,

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1st tank was 36 mpg. Hoping as engine breaks in mpg will increase. This was about 70% highway and all in "auto" mode. Pretty aggressive driver here and live in very hilly area of SoCal.
Avg mile on my cabrio is 36 mpg highway and city. Only once over 40
I have been getting different all over the chart. the first tank I got 46 mpg, the subequent tanks only average about 32 to 38 mpg. The last tank only gets me 31.9 mpg.
The mpg is the one and only! disappointment regarding the Cabriolet. With about 1200 miles now on our car, we have been getting 36 mpg mostly hwy and around 26 mpg mostly city. This is about 6 mpg lower in both categories that we anticipated. Anyone knows how this can be improved?
We have had a Cabrio for a bit over a couple of months and we have between 35 and 38.5 mpg in town. Our daughter has a Passion Coupe and she reports 42 to 47 mpg on the highway.
We now have approximately 3,300 miles on our Passion Coupé. The first 2 fill-ups were in the high 30s but since then it's been very consistently 42-43 MPG. I drive almost exclusively in "Auto" mode with a mixture of 30% highway, 10% city and 60% hilly suburban/rural. There are normally 2 of us in the car. I'm not a "lead-foot" nor a hyper-miler but I do drive consistently about 4-5 MPH over the posted limits. (MPH measure by Scangauge)

I accidentally filled the car with Regular on one occasion and didn't notice any difference in performance or mileage.
I have a little of $5K on mine. I'm averaging right at 40 mpg. I drive 50/50 city/highway. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive the car. Above 60 mph I notice a significant drop off in mileage. Also, if you drive in the city and accelerate rapidly from a light or stop, you tend to get lower mileage. My first two or three tanks were in the high 30's. My best mileage was 47 mpg, but it was all highway no faster than 60 mph.
I drive almost exclusivly in town, stop and go, the mileage is about 28 miles to the gallon. I had hoped for more. Did drive it to Encinitas a few weeks ago, I got 29 going down and 42 coming back. I have about 1300 miles on the car now. Been thinking of taking it in to the Dealer to see how it looks on the computer.
Thanks! Ah, so the recommended fuel for this car is "premium?"
6 month old passion, 5600 miles. 30% suburban. 30% highway, 40% mountain. Averaging between 46-48 MPG and personal best was 52.8 using high mileage techniques. Usually in Auto, lift up on the gas to shift, and alway shift to neutral and coast to a stop.

Very satisfied.

Thank you, Paul.
I have been getting 30 to 33 in the city and about 40 on the highway. I'm actually pretty disappointed. For the size, I expected the mileage to be better.

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