I would love to hear current owners gas mileage with the Passion---I am on the list, but I am hearing varying accounts of mpg.

Please advise,

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I bought the dealer's Passion Coupe demo two weeks ago with 1800 miles on it. My first two tanks were each split between some around-town and a long highway trip. I got 33.5 MPG on those tanks, with the highway cruising done at 70-75 mph to keep up with traffic. My next tank was mostly used on another long trip. I got 43 MPG on this tank driving at 65-70 mph. The mileage is absolutely tied to the way one drives. Running 75 mph is past the point of efficiency for the engine. My current tank will all be used in city traffic, and is looking like 36-38 MPG based on the fuel gauge.

BTW, the boy-racer paddle shifters are cool, but shifting it yourself will kill the mileage.

Car and Driver Magazine got 32 MPG in their tests, and you know they were flogging the car for all it was worth.
My Passion Cabriole has gotten anywhere from 27-ish to 39ish with a mixture of highway and city. I was hoping for 40 but sounds like I'm doing some things wrong. My current tank is the one I'm driving in D almost all the time for the first time. (It's so darned fun to drive in manual...but I'm getting used to D--just use the manual when I'm accelerating onto the interstate uphill.) And I've NEVER used anything but regular in it. I'll see how I do this tank in D with regular and I'll try the next tank in D with premium and see what the difference will be. Love the car. And the mileage sure beats the heck out of my pick-up truck. (Which is now in the garage unless I really need a truck.
My first tank with my smart was 37 1/2 and it was all city driving, start and stop stuff. The second tank had some highway miles and it was almost 41. However, the last tank was all city driving with air conditioning (in Florida humidity) and it dropped to just under 30. So, it clearly is going to depend on the type of driving you do and whether or not you run the A/C.
We have be getting around 43 to 45 mpg
I have 3000 miles and am averaging about 42 mpg. The high for a tank has been 45.5, the low 39.9. I just installed Doug Thorleys cat back system and so far the Scanguage is looking good.
Not a lot of data yet, but looks like 35-38 combined highway and city (SF - lots of hills). My gas gauge doesn't move (shows full) for close to 100 miles and then seems to show one bar for each of the last 7 gallons. Is this typical? Design? Anyone else see that behavior?
1st tank, 20% hwy (70-80mph), 80% 35-50 mpg suburban driving,= 42.1 mpg.
I live in Sedona, Az - driving only around town we have consistently gotten 32 mpg - car has only 812 miles on it.
The lowest I have got was 36 and that was running 70-80 MPH with the A/c running.

Did a trip this weekend to the countryside with a/c on the whole time..traveled 321 miles and got 43 Mpg.

Picked my car up in Alexandria virginia and drove to va beach on interstate 95 (about 200 miles) then drove back and forth to work for a few days (about 100 miles) and averaged 46 mpg. That was with no A/c.

Bobby Ross

I too just installed a Doug Thorley - let me know how the scan guage results look. I definitely feel like the engine has more pull during low revs as the car shifts.
i've only put two tanks in so far, but i've gotten 38.5 and 39.1 in driving that can best be characterized as 20% highway, 40% city, and 40% suburban/rural. i drive only in manual mode, and tend to be pretty calm on the rural commute, and aggressive the rest of the time (it is Boston, after all).
My tankfuls average 40, that's a grand average of city, highway, etc. It is going up as the engine breaks in. I have 3000 miles so far. To get better mileage, slow down on the highway, don't use the A/C so much, keep all windows and roof closed. And check your tire pressure.

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