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Mines a boy - BUZZ
Ohhh...that's what he meant. I thought he was asking who's worn in the "back seat" :)

I think my smartie's a boy too...
Mine is a girl and her name is Blue Belle.
I don't have mine yet, but when I get it, He'll be named Speck.
Klaatu is a boy (Michael Rennie)
That's funny Jonathan...... I actually thought about getting Speck for my license plate. (Smile) I went with PDL CAR instead. (Peddle Car)

Best wishes,
My little yellow ducky is a boy. My co-workers have been calling him a him since before he was delivered. They also threw me a surprise Smartbaby shower. They gave me a Rubber ducky for his dash and a small ducky puppet that is on the the gear shift along with a car wash kit and some air fresheners. Of course everyone wanted a ride! He regularly gets "LOVE" notes on his windshield!
definitely a dude!

I don't have mine yet but her name will be Lily.
This is funny. I don't have mine yet, so I'll guess I'll have to "wait and see if it's a boy or a girl". But I've been feeling "little guy" since I configured mine on the website...
Oh, the sex of the car? I thought this thread was going to be about having sex in a smart car! My bad. Anyway, sex in a smart car would be difficult, to say the least :) My smart would have to be a girl. Charlene (Pyle's name for his rifle in Full Metal Jacket). :)
Mine is a boy.....he is the son of my Expedition (The beast--a girl), and his name is called....Son of the beast, weebeast and the wanna-be-beast....I will need to take a pic of him next to mom....

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