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I have a blue on black smarty and feel it should be male but Dory from finding nemo keeps popping into mind when I look at the car. Now my wife thinks it should be named after the way its driven.. Pepe or pepito cojones..... you, the spanish speakers will understand...
Marta is a girl. She was named Marta because she is French with a German attitude. Its all about "her"!
Mine is Lilly - a female. There was a nice movie long time ago - "Summer with Lilly". Well, I hope it is always a summer with my Lilly.
Mine is a girl. We are thinking about naming her Annika (wanted a german name). Anybody have some suggestions?
once we get ours he will have 2 names

im not sure what my mom wants to call him when shes driving it but when i drive ill call him Patrick if its black, white, yellow, or silver. If it Red its gonna be Hellboy and if its blue it will be called Abe Sapien. [we are on the orphan list so who knows what color we shall get lol]

but yeah there yall go! =]
Always a women.

I hit a long hard grade and think "Come on sweetheart you can do it" ;)
I began referring to my Smart as, her or she, from the beginning. Then the GPS had a man's voice.......
Mine is male.. right from the start I named him "Rocky" because of the way the transmission kicks you in the pants. Later on he's lived up to the name because a while before Christmas the windshield got hit with a rock and cracked. It's all good, though it's (FINALLY!) getting fixed tomorrow.

Rocky will be good as new ;)
I call mine My Little Babushka but have not figured out the sex yet.
Mr. Lewis Hambach is all male.

Named after a combination of Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes-McLaren Formula1 fame and his birthplace in Hambach, France, Lewis has a manly aftermarket exhaust note and attitude to "roll with the big boys".
Herbie is a boy.
My future Smart will be a girl her name will be Miss Fugley. I hope when I get her 5-17-09 est. time of arrival, that the name fits her.

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