Made my reservation 10/23/07.
Configured my silver passion on 2/1/08.
Contacted by my dealer that the car made it thru production on 5/12/08.
Heard it was on the pond on 6/16/08.
Heard it hit port Baltimore 7/10/08.
Dealer in Buffalo called this morning 7/14/08.
Pick up the car 7/16/08.
i am getting excited now.

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Congratulations! Have loads of fun - for all of us still waiting on our Smartees.
Where are you getting all the dates (car thru production, on ocean, etc). My dealer says all they can tell me is when it leaves Baltimore by truck. We've received the email that we are in the 90 day window, but would love the other information.
GARY... you have given me great hope !!!! I reserved my Passion on June 04, 2008.. If I calulate the same # of days as you, I should get to configure my little smart on 9-13-08.. Then I should be contacted by my dealer that its in production around 12-12-08. It should be on the pond by 1-27-09. It should be on shore by 2/20/09. My Louisville dealer should call around 2/24/09 and I should be able to pick it up by 02-26-09... THAT WOULD BE AWSOME, as the date now is Sept - Nov 2009... I sure hope I get mine as quickly as you did.. Thanks for the hope.. BY THE WAY... Once you get your smart and drive it a few days, please let me know if you think it was worth the wait and if it is all you thought it would be. Thank you BILL
Responce to TOM R. My dealer gave me all the information.
GEEE I wish my story was as good as yours. I config on July 7, 07 and ordered march 11, 07. I still have a 90 window of Aug 20 to Nov 19. I wonder how that happens.
Congratulations. I hope it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I'm a little puzzled as to why so many of you are waiting so long to receive your cars from the factory instead of getting on the Orphan List at your local dealer. I put my name on the Orphan List in early May and will pick up the car on Thursday--about a two month wait. It's same color I ordered but silver instead of black tridion. The tradeoff was a no brainer when you consider that I would have had to wait until sometime between next February or May. I could have not accepted it and taken my chances on the next two cars to be orphaned but was so pleased with what they offered me the first time that I went with it.
Well great news, we ordered a Passion in March 08 and got a call about an orphan in the same color and couldn't pass it up. We just picked up our Smart 7-29-08, I must have all the luck, we did go to the dealer every weekend and hug the cars and made nice with everyone there. Never was a suck up but wanted one so you got to do it sometimes. She is/was an orphan with not to many extras but the dealer adds to all orphans (I am sure for the money), anyway they add a Pioneer AVIC-F700BT Navigation system with all the extras including backup camera. I must say for the $1975.00 installed this thing is great and there is no words to describe the feeling of driving yours off of the lot. The best thing about it is we don't have to wait until Sept. 2009 to get our Smart. Might have paid a little more for the NAV but saved us 13 months of waiting and wondering when. Have a great day, Bill

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