I was told today that any smart that is deliveried after October of this year will be a 2009. I was also told that their at 70,000 smart car reservations now, with families purchasing 2 to 4 cars. In Houston a smart car sold for 80K at a church auction. WOW

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Do you know what new for the 09 model compared to the 08??
What colors are offered?
the salesman said that their would be no changes.
Colors were not discussed except that the yellow will be discontinued and didn't say why.
That is what I was afraid of. Are they getting rid the yellow replacement panels?
I sure hope they keep the panels, my Smart will be yellow. My dealer said that they will only order panels as they are requested. No inventory on panels.
I bet we will be able to fine the panels on e-bay for a while.
I will not get my car until after the first of the year and REALLY want yellow - even have my vanity plate ordered - GEESBEE . I looked on ebay and did not see anything - am I missing something?
I think it is still to early to start seeing panels and too many other smart things on e-bay yet, but I believe it will be there before too long off.
I've read that Yellow is replaced with Gray, and Red-Orange is replaced with Red.

The front panel will be locking, the interior door pockets will become nets, and wheels are a new design.
I guess we will just have to wait and see. I am being to think that every dealer has his own story about the 2009 colors, etc. However, why would they make a gray when they already have a silver, too much alike.
You can see the 2009's on the German website. www.smart.com, then select Germany as the country and try the configurator.


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