I was told today that any smart that is deliveried after October of this year will be a 2009. I was also told that their at 70,000 smart car reservations now, with families purchasing 2 to 4 cars. In Houston a smart car sold for 80K at a church auction. WOW

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To All- Don't discount the chance of a panel set on EBay- I bought a full set of Black panels over a month ago. They will show up from time to time- You can always start an EBay standing search and they will email you when a set goes on auction
Hay guys i found this on smarts parent parent site or what ever it talks about what they r doing with mhd, deisel, wheels, and colors umm prolly more stuff i just scaned it b4 i decided that i should post the page here it is http://media.daimler.com/dcmedia/0-921-614239-1-1103909-1-0-0-0-0-1...
Nick ---- thanks for the info. I read it but not sure that I understand it all. It a web site I will be checking often.


find a

smart center



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