Oh No!! My windshield was hit with something and broke. :(

Remove the antenna and the triangle pieces on both sides.

Remove front black plastic trim piece.

Remove windshield wipers.

Use special tools to loosen windshield from automobile.

Remove old black glue that held windshield in place.

Make sure new windshield is clean.

Remove inspection and registration stickers from old windshield and apply to new one.

Clean area and prep then apply new glue.

There are no "stops" so you will most likely need 2 people to put new windshield in place.

The orange tape is important. Don't remove it for at least an hour.

Put windshield wipers, trim pieces, antenna, and triangle pieces back in place.

So this seemed to be the process from start to finish. Once it was started. Safelight had to order the windshield from the local dealership. My insurance company USAA uses Safelight for windshield replacements. While I wasn't thrilled with Safelight at least the installer seemed to be experienced, professional, and knowledgeable.

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Angel. This post is awesome. Good pix. :o)

Looks like no magic for our cars, except for those with the rain sensors. Thanks. A2Jack
No magic. But I thought the fact it takes 2 people might be important for the next person that has to get someone other than the dealership to install. Because the installer had to call his supervisor to come out and help. Fortunately he was close by and available.

No. My orphan doesn't have the sensor. I do recall there's an extra charge for the windshield if there is a sensor. So I'm guessing it's not transferred. New one comes with windshield.
Thanks for the informative post. I have USAA as well and was curious about the Safelite installation as I seem to have had a tendency to get cracks in the windshield (averaging a replacement once a year since I moved to my current location).
Phill Ramey:

Just stay on top of them about getting the glass in. The installer was professional and courteous. It was just the local company itself that was inept about picking up the glass from the dealership. It was there but Safelite kept telling me that they were waiting for the local dealership to get it in. Then after checking Safelite ordered the glass TWO WEEKS after they first confirmed my order for a new windshield.
I used to put windshields in and yes you DO need to have two people to align it correctly. You only get one shot at it and it has to be perfectly aligned. I hope they water tested it before they left. The last thing you want is a leak causing mold inside your car. Did you inspect the new windshield before they installed it? Sometimes the edges get chipped and then later on they 'grow' cracks just like in your first picture. Hope everything works out for you. Great pictures.
Smart By Design:
I did look over the new windshield. Though it was more because I was nosey than anything else. Don't know if they did a water test or not. I did have to leave for a bit as they were finishing up to get their payment. Thanks for the additional information!
Actually the car isn't that smart. It wasn't smart enough to dodge the rock that broke its windshield! (Just kidding about the smart part).
Unfortunately, my windshield suffered the same fate after 2 weeks!
My insurer, GEICO, gave me a choice but recommended Safelite. I called the Smart center and asked if there may some advantage/disadvantage to having them do the job. I was told that the Smart was no different than any other vehicla and any experienced installer would have no problem. Since the dealer is a 100 mile round trip, I elected to use Safelite.
Safelite acquired the glass and sensor from the nearest Smart center and did the replacement at my workplace.
The installer was very experienced, but this was his first Smart. I removed the service flap for him and left him for about 5 - 10 minutes. I came back to find the old glass removed. As it turned out, no body parts required removal, not even the service flap. The wipers stood up out of the way. The installation was nearly as quick. He says that now the Smart is his new favorite car for w/s replacement. Start to finish was about 45 minutes.
I am very happy with the outcome and would recommend Safelight.
One more thing:
If the black plastic cowl (the piece the wipers go through and the lower edge of the glass goes under) is not removed, clips molded into the cowl will provide proper support and alignment without the need for a second person.
Removing the wipers and the cowl takes away the built-in alignment aid.

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