I'm in Dayton, OH, and I believe my res no. is 1352, made on 9/14/07. It started giving me dates of 8/2009 - 10/2009, moved up a few times to 4/2009 - 6/2009, then I started getting this message the last several weeks -

Estimated ETA Date:

Your vehicle delivery date cannot be estimated at this time. Please continue to check the Delivery Date Estimator from time to time for updated information. For additional assistance, please contact smart customer service at 1.800.smart.USA (762.7887) or send an email.

Any idea what's going on here?



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Yes, I do enter my email address, I was just mentioning the res no. as an FYI. It has occurred to me my reservation may have gotten hosed, but I sent Smartusa a mesg and got this response...

Dear smart Enthusiast The DDE takes into account factors such as vehicle production, distribution and Reservation Holder cancellations. We are finalizing the distribution process in your area as one or more of those factors may have changed. We appreciate your patience while we continue to determine a more accurate estimate of your vehicle's delivery date. Please continue to check the DDE from time to time as information is updated daily. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us via email or by phone at 1.800.smartusa. Thank you for your interest in smart USA. You will be hearing from us soon! Jason Dupree Customer Service 1.800.smartusa www.smartusa.com

I thought the DDE response was odd, and was curious if anyone else is seeing this type of result.


My reservation is only from 6/9/08 (after our Honda Insight, >80mpg hwy, got totaled) and w/ in one week the DDE showed fall of 09. Then at the beginning of the month I started to get the same message you did. I finally called the SmartUSA 800 number and the gentleman told me that it takes a while for the real estimate to be calculated and that the original one was just a fluke. He said just keep trying every every few weeks (as if waiting to know about delivery on such a fun and unique car is so easy...).
The employees at our Alexandria Va SmartCenter all said that they are expecting deliveries to our area to pick up and for orders placed this spring to be arriving within one year and not over. They were quite confident about this but didn't offer details as to why.
I entered my reservation in May of 2008 and have not seen any DDE at all. I have not even received an email about configuring my vehicle. Any one help on time frame before I should expect to see my configuration email?

We reserved ours in May 2008 as well and have not yet configured either. I have seen on other posts that it takes about 6-7 months to get the configuration email. As for the DDE, we just started getting a date that says delivery will be August - October 2009. I called smart and I was told that sometimes the DDE will come up before you configure, but not always. The rep told me also that as my configuration date gets closer, the DDE will stop giving me a date. After we configure, we will then get a new more accurate date. As an FYI, she also told me it was likely we would be getting a 2010 model but if the DDE gets moved sooner, then we would get the 2009 model we configure for. I hope that helps you some.
I would not be pessimistic about it. These things are constantly changing. I am sure you were not "hosed" in their database, otherwise your message would have looked like this.

Estimated ETA Date:
Your reservation was not found. Please check your email address and try again. If the problem persists, please contact smart customer service at 1.800.smart.USA (762.7887) for assistance or click here to send an email.

I would imagine your date will return soon, or give them a call if you are worried. Your reservation is not so new anyway, so maybe it has something to do with arrival time getting close.
I am also in dayton. Reserved on 6/7/08, About a week before my config on 11/18/08, the dde was for March - June 2010. After config, this dissapeared. Then returned. Also, my dealership appears to have changed from columbus to cinci. I do not believe in the accuracy of the dde and will probably see it move to the fall of '09. This is just a guess, based upon some of the other posts.
After periodic checking, I started getting DDE's again, and this time they were for 10/2008 - 1/2009. They moved around a week or so, but finally settled in the 10/25/08 - 1/25/09 window. Here's the good news - I was able to get the VIN from the dealer (yes, mine switched for Columbus to Cincy, thank goodness), found it had been shipped in late Oct, was on the ground at the port in Baltimore and may be delivered to the dealer this weekend. I should have it the day before Thanksgiving. So in the end, it looks like the DDE really is conservative. BTW, if you haven't been to the new dealer, they are great, really nice, new facility. Check them out!
Some areas just take time. All states are not equal. I too reserved about 9/07 and got my confirmation on Aug / 08. For a while my DDE also went blank but returned a couple of weeks later with actual dates. Since then it's moved about eleven days and holding. There are a number of us that reserved in 07 and are still waiting for our cars. Mine is schedule to arrive at the dealers just after the first of the year!
Hang in there.

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