My Smart should be arriving between December & February. I was wondering if everyone has been paying MSRP or if there is haggle room?

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I paid full pop - no haggle room with so much demand - but at least they are not gouging by forcing people to buy add ons (that was common on Honda Odyssey's when the 2nd generation came out in 1999 - seems like everyone had to buy a trailer hitch, transmission cooler package as well as paint protection).

If you try to buy an orphan then expect a few goodies to be added at extra expense although reasonably priced.
I paid "list" for mine. I was prepared for the dealer to try and add some ridiculous charge to try and increase the profit, but the charges they added are what one would normally expect (a destination charge and a document prep charge). The document prep charge is a profit center---they charge $300 for $35 worth of time to file some paperwork, but that's consistent across all dealers in Arizona generally.

I am thinking that as soon as some make it to the used market there will be haggle room, but at least for now, if you don't want to lose your place in line, you'll probably pay list.

Thanks for your replies. I had a feeling that there wasn't room to haggle, being as Smart cars are in high demand. Thankfully they're reasonably priced, so I have no problem paying MSRP.

*Anxiously waits for his new Smart*
I paid full price - plus had to buy tinted windows for $600 and LoJack for $600 because I bought a car whose order was canceled - not one I was on the list for. My dealership in Chandler seems to add lots of extras to all cancellations.
There is little dealer profit in the reserved vehicles so dealers try to get you to buy other things like warranties, clearbra, paint protection, upgraded (aftermarket) sound systems, tires and wheels, lo jac, etc. The kind of things they add to Orphans!! I would recommend an extended warranty but nothing else. My 6 yr 60,000 mi. warranty cost under $1000.
I joined the order prog (USD 99.00). So far nobody can give me an accurate price. But anyway, I like to pickup my new Smarti from the factory in Europe (Hagenau/France). And want to keep it in Germany. As it is a german car, I understand I have to add only our VAT and change the turn signals as well. But it will be interesting to know about the US Tax aso.
If they honor your order - which I doubt then you would pay:
The exact configuration price as the web site details,
plus $645 destination charge (shipping)
plus documentation fee (depends upon the state average $200)
plus sales/use tax based on he state you pick up the car (from 0% - 8+%)
smart does not have a European Delivery Program like M-B does.

You can get USA pricing at When you configure your car you'll see the price you'll pay (pluse $645 destination, taxes and stealership "prep" fees. Those can range from $55 in California to over $400 in Florida.
I paid MSRP plus 489.00 dealer fee ,no and ons at all in florida
One thing that can be appreciated about smart is the way their company is run. By that I mean, they do little to no advertising, so those costs are not passed on to the consumer; they have found a way to manufacture the car with fewer parts and less expensive processes and yet still pack a TON of features in this class of vehicle; and the purchase process is fair and on the up and up. People may feel like they are being gougued by a dealer because of accessories or add ons, but come on, people... the dealers ARE in business to make money and if they don't, then where are you going to get your smarts serviced when they close?

I have bought many new cars in my life (over 20) and this by far is the easiest vehicle purchase I have ever made. The dealer is very up front about the fact that the salespeople make a flat $200 on every vehicle sold, and they CANNOT charge you one cent over MSRP for the car, and with the required paperwork these days even $200-$300 is not an unreasonable charge for processing fees. Personally they charged me $150 but depending on your state $300 would not be "unreasonable."

I did purchase a few accessories, as well as the 100,000 mile warranty and a tire/wheel replacement package. The warranty was $1,595 and considering I had just purchased the 100,000 mile warranty on my 2006 Passat for $3,200 I felt they were VERY competitively priced. Also, the accessories were very reasonably priced.

As far as the orphan vehicles, the local dealer does add a "package" which includes window tinting, pin striping, and lo-jack for $1,795. Personally I'm glad I waited for mine and did not get these things, as I do not like the pinstriping, got my windows tinted for $120 and lo-jack does not work in my area (middle of East Texas). However, they are very fair and upfront about the fact that EVERY orphan has the same package and if you want an orphan instead of waiting, you know that upfront. They do not wait until you are with the finance manager to spring that on you, as other car dealers have been known to do. For this, they are consistant in being fair to everyone. Also, everyone has to wait their turn when they order a vehicle. They go in order of your reservation number. No one gets to "jump ahead" on the list. If you want to take an orphan, once again, you know up front there is an additional package on the car. If it is $1,795, and you are commuting with a 4x4 Tahoe, it will not take you long to make up the difference, vs waiting for a year for yours to arrive.

I have been thrilled with the entire process, other than the extremely long wait for the vehicles but with the demand, there is nothing they can do about that. They are cranking them out as fast as they can. I have almost 8,000 miles on my car so far and the only problem I have had is a loose gearshift release button, which they fixed on a quick trip to the dealer. I'm consistantly getting much better mileage than the sticker says I should.

The only advice I can give is to be patient waiting for your car to arrive, and if you don't feel your dealer is being fair with you, a quick call to 1-800-SMARTUSA will help you get any problems resolved. They are very helpful at the smart customer service line.
I paid the exact price that I ordered online last April. I did add floor mats and a front license plate bracket. Lastly, was the Ohio sales tax. I was supprised but pleased.

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