Just wondering what people are doing about financing. Anyone know what Daimler Chrysler interest rates are for the Smart? Mine should be here in a month and I'm wondering if I should just prearrange financing or do it through the dealer.

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I'm sure you've already financed your car, since you posted July 20th, but for anyone else looking, Alliant Credit Union has great rates. New rates are 4.35% and Used 4.60%. If you have a high rate they also do refinancing at no charge. It is a national credit union and there are ways to be eligible even if you aren't in the Chicago area. I like to see people getting the lowest rates possible so you can enjoy your car and money in your pocket :)
How many years are most people doing finance for? 4? or will they go out to 6? We're wanting to keep our payments as low as possible, we have "good" credit not "excellent". And will probably have a couple thousand down plus trade-in, (which won't amount to much, old car).
I did mine for 66 months and my payments are $323/mo. It came to $19,305 with GAP and extended warranty. Where I financed it they would only go to 66 months for a balance under $20k.
We did our financing through Daimler-Chrysler too. I would have prefered to go through BECU, but they don't even recognize the car as a car yet. We keep pestering them though. More people need to.

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