Here's a thread to let smart USA know what we'd like to see in/for our cars now and in the future. I'll start it off.

1. Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)
2. Cruise Control
3. Turbo option
4. Longer warranty

P.S. Add your comments even if they've been mentioned already. The more the merrier.

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I agree with your list!
I agree with all of those options, plus a few additional color variations would be nice.

However the biggest change needs to be BETTER AVAILABILITY! One year wait is simply ridiculous! I can't imagine how many sales Smart will be losing, especially next year when all major car companies will offer similar cars with NO wait. Surely there has to be a better way to build these cars faster. Come on, seriously, the cars are so small and other than a few options they are all the same. Why isn't there a factory in the states? Waiting a year (or longer) for this little car is a joke. Mercedes... Smart... Penske... needs to do something quick! PLEASE!
id like to see oil pressure and water temp instead of the pod clock
To SmartUSA: Build me a car like,,,hmmm a Corvette.
--> And offer a Service or Shop Manual. :-)
Agreed! I'm surprised these aren't included.
My suggestions:

1) Lower the price for the top of the line model down to what the bottom of the line costs, or close to it. No more than $12,000.

2) Up the gas mileage. A car this size should get a lot better.

3) Make the car little wider. Why not? Just 6 inches wider, perhaps.

4) Give it more power.

5) Make it electric. Use new battery technology, like they're using on some of the new cordless power tools come out - quick charge; long life.

6) Lower the price on the current model to under $10,000 for a stripee.

I want this car, but let's face it; it's a toy. you can get the same stats on a vehicle that costs less and gets the same or better gas mileage and is bigger and more powerful, (Toyota Yaris, for one). The only reason to buy a smart car is for the novelty. Might as well wait for a THINK electric car.
I agree Cruise Control would be a VERY welcomed option. My Runt travels nearly 300 miles (round trip) each weekend and the right ankle would love cruise control.
1. Cruise Control
2. Cruise Control
3. Cruise Control
Tilt Wheel would be nice for long trips
come on Angel ... let us know how you really feel :))
I don't mean to be a contrarian, but I could do without any of those options. I don't like DRLs. First, they burn out light bulbs much faster. Also, I think they reduce motorcycle safety as more and more DRL cars hit the roads, less and less people notice them--and the motorcycles with their headlights as well.

Turbo would just kill the gas mileage and totally defeat the purpose of this car.

Cruise control would be ok, but I'd rather see these options first:

1. True iPod connectivity - not some cord-in-a-box like we have now. Not even a front-panel accessible cord. Now, true docking connectivity that allows the radio to control the iPod. This should be standard equipment at least on the upgraded radio.

2. While we're talking about the radio, how about RDS? I had an '89 Audi that had RDS. It seems really odd to me that the smart doesn't have it even though the manual says it does.

3. Another item for the radio: four speakers. At a minimum, the upgraded radio should support four speakers, but it really should come with four speakers. I bought the upgraded radio 10 and the premium sound (with subwoofer). That was a lot of dollars put into a radio upgrade that is missing these items.

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