I have found a company in Canada called SmartieParts that sells two cruise control units. One is made in Germany (the MDC unit) and the other in North America (The Area 451 unit). The MDC is available now and the Area 451 will hopefully be available in the near future. I am particularly interested in the Area 451 unit and am anxiously awaiting its availability. For those of you who, like me, sorely miss a cruise control on the Smart you may find the site interesting. Check out http://www.smartieparts.com/shop/index.php?main_page=page&id=20

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Hey, that's me :)

Fyi, the Area 451 Parts version has their own website at: http://www.area451parts.com where they discuss the development and answer questions.

Thanks for spreading the word Ron. I sure hope the Area 451 gets finished soon... there's a couple hundred people at least in line for it now.


- Steven
Keep us posted - I would LOVE to have a cruise control.
Thanks Ron! I've had my smart for less then a month and already got a speeding ticket. My first in over 40 years! My cabri is so smooth I had no idea I was driving so fast. WHY does the smart not offer cruise control?
Old discussion :) So some important updates:

1) It is really down to one. The Area 451 Parts has proven very reliable with over 300 sold and installed now and extremely few problems reported. The other one from Germany didn't do as well on the US 451's with as many as 40% of the ones I sold getting returned and little progress on improvements.
2) They are available and in stock!

- Steven

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