I am soon to take delivery hopefully, but my dealer is a hundred miles away, and I am wondering if anyone has taken their Smart Car to a quick Oil Change station yet. Do I have to pre-purchase my own filters? I took a pamphlet from the tour last year to my regular oil change garage, but I don't know if they will be ready for me or not. Has anyone tried this yet?

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Hi brent, isaw a video of some1 changeing their own oil and everything looks real easy to change i "think" their is a thread on changeing oil and they mention solvent for the screen on the drain plug it looked really long in the vid. that said i would probaly let the smart center change the oil i remember seeing several times that the oil change every 10k miles. for me a trip to seattle or portland every 6 months or so would be nice
When I picked up my smart, I spoke to the service department and they said I could get the oil changed anywhere as long as I used a good quality synthetic oil and the right filters which I could get from them.

Considering the service interval is at 10,000 miles, even if I get it done at 5,000 I figure I'll probably be able to time a visit to the dealership with a routine visit to Phoenix to see relatives and it's about 100 miles away for me too.
I printed out the info on how to change the oil, got the detials on the filter needed and did the following. You can buy the filter for the 3 cylinder/70 hp Mitsubishi engine at any Napa store..... take it with you to a reputable local service station, give them the printed instructions and the filter... and WaLa.... you have just started "training" your own local service guys for oil changes, etc. It is important that you use W5 30 or better hight quality synthetic oil!!!

PS: The local service station guys LOVE THE SMART car and are anxious to help out! It was fun!
I back our Smart onto a set of ramps that I use to change oil on my pick up truck. The Smart drain plug is on the front corner of the oil pan. It takes a 24mm wrench to loosen and retighten. Get the filter from Smart or a NAPA 7040 or a Wix 57040. Be sure to use a 0-40 Synthetic oil and you are all set to change oil at home. Be sure to make a written record of you oil change mileage and you are all done.

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