Saw this on CBS news, ex oil exec says 5.00 per gallon gas by 2012, article here:


Makes a Smart purchase even more "Smart"

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In the meantime,chemical cracking for OIL continues unabated in North Dakota
Todd Blackley said:

Humm, I think that BP kinda killed off the off shore drilling pretty good all by it's self and the "cracking of oil shale" is not oil but gas and the states are looking in to limiting this (NY state, etc) because of ground water contamination, etc.

Regular gas is now almost $4.00 per gallon here in the Denver area. Premium of course is higher. Price of oil has slipped a bit on world markets this morning with announcement of Osama Bin Laden's demise....
Over my last three tanks I have averaged over 50 mpg.  $5.00/gallon gas won't hurt me too much.

Yea... it's not even a matter of not being able to reduce fuel consumption here in the US.  As already mentioned... people are unwilling to.  Far too many people have the mindset of "bigger is better".  Proof of that... been trying to sell my car lately.  Had one person who called about it and wanted to take it for a spin.  The next day, called... and she said her husband didn't like the idea of her driving an hour back and forth to work in a car that small.


People think the more they have around them, the safer they are.  If you ask me.... the more stuff that's around you, the more stuff that can just be turned into shrapnel and sent INTO you. 

My youngest son works at a Wells Fargo bank in Montana.  He tells me that a lot of his customers have closed their accounts because of oil found in Idaho and they are going to work in the oil fields there.  Nothing on the news about this.  When the first "oil shortage" was declaired in the 70's I had 8 brother-in -laws working the oil fields in Louisiana, drilling and capping wells as fast as they could.  I was looking at a Datson pickup brand new for $1800, day after the shortage was anounced the same truck was $3000.  It was a scam then and still is.
I agree with you there Alan. My grandparents in 1973 when the so called "oil crisis" hit, had oil wells still pumping on their ranch here in Colorado. BP Oil even then owned the oil rights out here, and soon after came out and capped their wells to "dry up" the supply....

In the Cayman Islands, where we live, the price per gallon has been almost 6.00 Cayman Island Dollars since last year, now CI$5.66 (US$6.90). I bought our first Smart in May 2010 just before it reached CI$5.00 (US$6.10) and was so happy with it I bought another for my wife last January, so we now both have one. Other than routine servicing they have been trouble free. Two of the best decisions I ever made!!

The price of gas has dropped in Tucson, Az. to $2.96 per gallon.  Happy Holidays.

Is that $2.96 per gallon for Premium?


No for reguler, add 20cents for primium.  I mentioned the reg becuase that is what they have on the signs you see from the road.

jwight said:

The guy is probably right - he could have easily said $6 or $7 and still be right eventually.   As to his point on the USA being unable to reduce consumption - can't agree.  Unwilling, yes.  But we certainly have the means to reduce consumption if people are willing to do what's required.  And BTW, even at $5 a gallon we'll still have the least expensive gas prices compared with other industrialized nations.
Venezuela has the cheapest gas at 25 cents a gallon...Hugo Chavez for President!!!

Well I guess I spoke to soon, the prices started back up today that same station went up to $3.03 for reg today.

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