Say hello to the smart electric drive. It's the fun little electric car that keeps the sparks flying. Are you a match for the smart EV? Is going electric the right move for you? Take the electricurious quiz and find out! You just might find your soulmate.

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Hi Mark. We're not sure what could be causing the color to be faded. Have you tried cleaning it? Here are some tips for polishing your smart:

Hahaha - I don't think it is faded at all and this may well be my eyesight.  I do have eyesight issues.  When I look at the yellow body panels they just don't seem to be quite a solid color to me and I don't get the same effect from painted surfaces.  When parked next to a yellow mini the other day I noticed it in comparison, so maybe it is some slight translucence from the smart panels.  It is not a problem at all, I just wondered if some aspect of the manufacturing had created this effect by design.  Like I say, it may well be my own sight, so no problem exists.

OK, dumb question time.  I have a 2009 Smart Fortwo Passion Coupe.  I bought it new -- plunked down $100 to get on a reservation list, waited patiently, it came in earlier than expected -- bam! -- done deal.  And now six years of pleasurable, gas-sipping driving later, I would like to lease a new Electric Drive.  Except it doesn't seem quite as easy as my previous experience.  I now live in the greater Phoenix area.  The closest (and only) Smart dealer is in Chandler, AZ, and that's well over an hour's drive away.  I visited them last fall (I was in the area on an errand) and know they do not have/do not stock EDs.  My understanding is that most EDs go to "compliance" states, and AZ is not a compliance state.  You advertise a nice ED lease deal with Battery Assurance on your web site.  You have a very nice online configurator.  Why is there no online way to order or reserve one?  Do I really have to drive an hour down and an hour back to get this done?  Or, heck, will you even ship to Arizona?  I am ready to buy/lease.  Please make it easy for me.

We had to order our smart ED in North Carolina for the same reason.  We did buy ours, except for the battery lease deal, and I would think that they would honor the enticing lease offers in Arizona.  I don't believe I saw a limit as to availability on the web site!

Hi Ralph! Even in non-ZEV states, dealerships should be a able to put in orders for electric drives. There may be a bit of a wait time, but it should be possible to purchase one. If you inbox us your email and telephone number, we can try to put you in touch with customer care for further assistance.

Thanks for your replies Mark W and susai admin.  I will indeed follow up with my local dealer.  It is time for annual maintenance on the Passion Coupe, meaning it is day off time, meaning 1+ hours drive time + x hours service time + 1+ hours drive time.  (At the former Smart dealer in Scottsdale this was literally an all-day event -- in Omaha I could get an appointment and have it serviced and done over the lunch hour and be back to work before I was even missed.  Ah, those were the days.)  I'll use some of that x hours service time down in Chandler to lasso a sales person and see if I can't get an electric drive ordered up.  :)   Thanks again.

Just thought I would close the loop on this one.  Swing and a miss . . . STRIKE TWO!  There will be no Strike Three.  My Electicuriosity has left the building.

A huge selling point for me was the pre-heating and cooling of the car. The app syncs when IT wants to, not when I need it. When I make a departure time, it won't sync and I'm no better off other than wasting time trying. That's a negative X2. Won't some 13 year old fix this if your experts can't?

....and the wait goes on and on and on.  Not only am I waiting for the answers to my questions, here, but I'm also waiting to see if SmartUSA will make good on their letter to replace my completely crazed 4th sunroof with a 5th.  The 4th replacement is crazed, completely, now, corner to corner and Bayer Chemicals STILL maintain that the beads the top was made from were improperly dried at the top factory before they were pressed into the sheet of plastic the top is made of, which will cause internal bubbles to form in the hot sun, and expand until it cracks the plastic in a million places.  Nothing has ever been done to correct the manufacturing mistake and nothing has ever been offered to recall the bad tops and replace them with new tops.  Noone ever called from my connections to the company from this forum.  They never called, never emailed, nada.  I guess I'm not the fanboi who gets the top any more. 

hey dear, i am very much fond of these electric cars but am from Australia & want more info on this as am not aware of this in my country. i searched on few sites but not got proper information of any dealer - can you help me in buying this car..... please send me specifications of the car & best way to buy it.... Regards !

For my own experience, i like my smart ED. Yes, more range would be welcome and less stuff on the windshield (bug mirror and the sendor) would be an improvement. But i love the feel of electric drive and this has been an excellent city car for me!
Make that "big" mirror, sorry.

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