Say hello to the smart electric drive. It's the fun little electric car that keeps the sparks flying. Are you a match for the smart EV? Is going electric the right move for you? Take the electricurious quiz and find out! You just might find your soulmate.

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Hmmm, my top has had the same cracking/checking. Better yet, it is now flaking off. 2008 Passion. I figured it was out of warranty and I was out of luck! Smart/MB will replace the POS plastic roof?

Larry Butler said:

....and the wait goes on and on and on.  Not only am I waiting for the answers to my questions, here, but I'm also waiting to see if SmartUSA will make good on their letter to replace my completely crazed 4th sunroof with a 5th.  The 4th replacement is crazed, completely, now, corner to corner and Bayer Chemicals STILL maintain that the beads the top was made from were improperly dried at the top factory before they were pressed into the sheet of plastic the top is made of, which will cause internal bubbles to form in the hot sun, and expand until it cracks the plastic in a million places.  Nothing has ever been done to correct the manufacturing mistake and nothing has ever been offered to recall the bad tops and replace them with new tops.  Noone ever called from my connections to the company from this forum.  They never called, never emailed, nada.  I guess I'm not the fanboi who gets the top any more. 

Being tall, I found that the sliding interior cover for the translucent top was in my hair and bugging me.  So I ordered our ED with the top that the less expensive models come with.  Black outside, gray fuzz inside, and fully opaque.  After a year of being out in the weather, it looks fine.  Has anyone had a problem with this type of top?  Thanks!

I got my wonderful little electric Smart Car about 8 months ago now... so happy with it.  I realize that with the gas Smart cars I could've gotten so much more mileage...but I'm happy not to have to gas up or do oil changes.

I also love that I can use just a regular outlet in my garage to charge... didn't have the money to get a charging station installed.  I do hope that Smart soon comes up with a new battery that gives us more mileage, or better yet... Solar panels to keep it charged.  I would gladly give up my sun roof for a solar panel that allowed me almost unlimited mileage and a fully charged battery during the day.

One thing that is bothersome... Here in Colorado...we have only 1 smart car dealer and smart maintenance center.  For me.. it's far... I would take up more that half my battery power just getting there. 

I was planning on Re-locating back to California / Los Angeles area..  and I'm surprised again by the lack of Smart Car Dealer / maintenance centers there are.  and how no one has caught on to have outlets available in parking garages of Apartment complexes.  My move has been put on hold, cause i don't want to trade in my ED  for a gas car.   Maybe I'll win the lottery and I can just buy a house with my own garage, and get a charging station...sigh...I guess I can dream.

And I'm rambling... anyway.. love my adorable little Smart Electric Drive.  I call her Eva.

I currently lease a 2014 ED that ends in May of 2017.    I like the looks of the new Smart, and it would fit nicely in my garage right behind 2014 Gas powered smart that I own.

I used to drive to a garage that had a charging station and then took the subway to work.   It was around 20 miles each way and I could charge the car at both ends.  In fact I would charge the car at the subway garage during the summer and use that electricity to get back to it the next day.

The only issue in my case is that the range is simply inadequate for me going forward.  Right now I drive it 34 miles each way to work without a charging station where I work (I park in a garage that simply will not put a station in).  I like driving the 70 or so miles without using any gas, and still usually have 15% left in the battery when I get home.

 In the winter the range goes way down (to around 50 miles) so I will not be able to drive my ED once the weather here in New England gets cold.  I will have to drive the gas smart. 

When it comes out I am seriously looking at a Chevy Bolt which has sufficient range to get me back and forth to work no matter the outside temp.

So my question is:   Will the new ED have a significant range increase?   while 70 miles was sufficient when everything else also went 70 miles, the new standard for range is 200 miles.   

Perhaps two different models,  One with a 80 mile battery pack, and one with a 200 mile battery pack should be offered.

Look for answers to your questions to start leaking late Augustish through late Septemberish.

I just read this article:

It says that the range will only be 85 miles.  Are they crazy?   They need to increase the range to at least 150 miles or more.   

in the summer, I get over 400 miles on a tank, best tank was 498 miles in my 2008 smart, smart went from crazy with the Renault drive train to STUPID with all electric in the US. i just left SCOA, my days here are numbered as well, but I may keep my '08 for another decade or so, it's running like new, I maintain it well, just one damned mustard stain on the driver's seat from Burger King 8 years ago. my smart will outlive SCOA and SUI. I'm looking at a battery (one of them AGMs) and brakes to rock into the '20's, MB/smart has demonstrated the most corporate stupidity on the planet in the last 2 years. I don't even want what corporate was smoking when they decided to go 100% electric.

I actually enjoy my 2015 smart electric drive quite a bit. My wife has a Forester that we use for highway travel and I drive the smart around town for daily stuff. Typically, a day's drive is about a dozen miles or less, and when the charge gets down to + or - 40%, I charge it in the parking deck of our condo overnight at 120V, 8A. Power consumption is around 3.5 miles per kWhr usually, so I charge it a couple of times per week at a standard outlet. I pay our condo association $80 per year for electrons and they are probably making a small profit! Anyway, the smart electric drive seems like an ideal city car and I have fun scooting around in it!

I posted elsewhere before finding this forum, so please excuse me for repetition.  I just purchased a former lease 2014 Smart Electric with 14,000 miles and I feel like I hit the jackpot.  So now I am the proud owner of two Smarts, it is hard to part with my 2009 Passion.  With only two weeks of ownership, I am loving this Electric and I just enjoyed reading the comments of the early adopters.  I am in LA so I don't anticipate the cold weather problems.  I do love the a/c, it is August and I am driving around in cool comfort and it doesn't seem to drain the drive battery much at all.  With my gas Smart I was reluctant to drive on the Interstate with a/c blasting and pedal to the metal, on one really hot day last year I was in a fast lane and the car shut down so I coasted to the side.  That may have been a phantom problem, but after that I was reluctant to go full bore on a/c.  No problem so far with the ESmart.  

Congratulations! After 2.5 years using my smart electric drive as my "City Car", I totally love it! My 6'6" frame fits fine and I have a ball scooting around town. I drive it about 3K miles per year and made a deal with our condo to use a 120V outlet for charging. I pay them $80 per year, and that is probably at least $15 more than I really use.

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