Has anyone installed a backup camera on a cabrio ? Could you share the pictures and how you’ve done it? Thanks!

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Not done it yet, but it sure is on my wanted list. When backing out of a parking space, you are blinded by the tridion cell. I find the rear view mirror virtually useless with the top down, I am only 5'7. I guess a plate mounted cam makes the easiest install. Are you about to make the leap? I would like to know your out come.
I just started the research how this might be done best. I may stop by the pros at a shop near by to get their advice. I definitely want to do this. I will post all I find, and hope all of you will do that too. Thanks ZP.

I had two cameras installed in ITIBITI. Pictures are here!
Thanks Billo, this looks so cool. Maybe more then I wanted ... ehmm maybe not :)
Where's cam 2 pointing? Front or side?


It's pointed toward the front. My head unit has two video inputs, so I thought "Why not? One for the rear, one for the front". Kids who ride in it get a kick out of it...and it helps in some parking situations, too.

spicejax said:
Where's cam 2 pointing? Front or side?

Time to bump this topic up again:

Has anyone added a back-up camera to their smart? A stand-alone unit, not one that's part of an A/V system.

I want to add one to my wife's new cabriolet because rear visibility is severely compromised compared to my coupe (which isn't the best anyway).

The unit I have came with generic instructions but it sure would be nice to hear from someone who's done it before and "cracked the code" for a smart install.


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