Has anyone experienced this? I needed service on my 2009 Passion for two

and had no idea the location had changed from Telegraph Road to Woodward Ave.


The voice mail of the service guy Mark was still taking messages and my salesman Tom

still had his voice mail set up.


This is very inconsiderate to owners when they do need service or parts, who's responcibility

was it to inform owners of this change ? Seems they have some sort of customer list , they could of accessed to get the work out. Who dropped the ball here ? the original Smart Dealer

or the new Dealer?



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Penske/smartUSA. Jill, sent emails. Original smartcenter 'should' have sent a snail mail to owners. Did the new smartCenter help you?




my car is in for service as I am answering your reply, The new dealer seems nice on the phone.  I was driving my car home had just exited the freeway. I was stopped at a light, the light turned green and I accelerated at abour 30 mph and went no where. The car was out of gear or something. I managed to coast to the right shoulder and into a parking lot, but could not get the car to register that it was in drive, both the paddle shifters or manuals shifters would not respond. It never stalled out , just seemed to jump out of gear, very scary stuff, I kept thinking how dangerous this would of been merging onto to freeway or exiting.


I got 3 emails and a snail mail notice (I believe) personally.  But I agree that they should have the voice mail stuff shutdown.  But that is a penske issue I think,

I received a notice months ago, about the dealer changing owners, they were not Penske anymore but it would not change anything, now they are Penske and it changed a lot when did they actually change locations , because I changed email provider, July 15th 2011and had no email about changing locations, what is snail mail ?


Mail delivered using a postal worker = snail mail

thanks, finally figured it out, I had my 1st experience today with the new dealer and they were wonderful !

Better than the last dealer.

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