I am replacing the bulbs for headlights and tallilights about every 2 months, sometimes less. Does anyone else have ths problem? What's wrong?  Also very difficult to get the headlight bulbs in. I'd appreciate any comments.

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I would check your alternator output. The regulator may be set too high causing the bulbs to burn out prematurely. If you subject the vehicle to a lot of vibration, that could also cause bulb failure. This could be caused by driving over rough roads.
My low beams failed after 13 months, and I do very little night driving. I'm inclined to also think it's due to our increasingly "third world" road quality - lots of potholes, and the Smart rides roughly over them due to the short wheelbase.
This fall, I burned out both low beam lamps within about 6 weeks of each other on my 2 yr. old car. My NTB store said it's because brighter lamps burn hotter which shortens their lifespan. I'm sure the rough ride and stiff suspension results in vibration and shocks which doesn't help matters. I told my store to stock up on H7 headlight elements as I would probably be back.

Brighter lamps definitely increase the burning out of headlights.  Using the standard halogens the MB dealer sells, or the standard replacement bulbs at your local parts store will last longer.  I once discovered this when I tried a new set of XTRA Bright bulbs.  They died at the same time, same day, same hour, same trip, within 6 months of purchase. 

I need the numbers for the left light turn signal number. I cannot find it at Wal-Mart. HELP PLEASE AND THANK YOU ASAP!

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