I have a Smart for Two 2009,  I had a similar problem to the one I am about to describe about 6 months ago. The car sounded like I had a flat. I did not. A few days before I got air in the tires and somehow dropped the air valve top for the tires into the rim and did not know this until I got the tires looked at. They found the cap.  No air has been put in nor the tires checked since then and the car is now making the same sound it made when the cap was stuck in the rim. This time I have a small wrench icon on my dash board. I do not know alot about cars and sadly the owners manual does not say much about the wrench icon besides something is wrong. I have been told that I need to take the car to a dealership to have all work done on it and so far that is where I have gone and I have not had any trouble with the car since I bought it about two years ago. 

Does anyone have any idea what this problem could be.  Also, do I have to take the car to the dealership to have it looked at. They want almost 200.00 just to look at it and I am not make out of money.   

Any suggestions or  ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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The wrench icon is telling you that the car needs service like an oil change/filter.  It will come on every 10k miles or 1 year, whichever comes first.  Your owner's manual has a page on how to reset the service indicator.  It is somewhat tricky to get the timing correct to get the light to reset.  You may also go over to:  www.evilution.com.co.uk and use their tutorial to reset the service indicator.  You do not have to go to a dealer.  Any competent repair facility should be able to service your smart.  Just make sure they know how to put it on a lift properly.

Thanks for the advice... It did have an oil change a few months ago... but I did not know about the lift thing.

I will try to find someone who can help now that I know I do not have to take it to a dealership.



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