OK, I'll start this discussion since I couldn't get a response and answer to this question in a previous discussion post: What is the ballpark figure for a full brake job for a Smart at a MB dealer, and why is the cost such a "top secret"? My wife and I would simply like to know how much our wallets will be emptied having this done.....

No one responded to this direct question previously. I assume someone has had a brake job done at MB??

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I found two posts on SCoA, one for $695 (!!!!) and one for $429 (!) - both too high IMHO.  Why not just call the Denver smart center and ask what they charge?

The reasoning for posting this is that our one and only Smart dealer at MB in Colorado will NOT quote a price over the phone. We've been told they only will after getting the car in the service bay, up on the rack and checking it, 'tis why the "top secret" comment....

An independent brake shop could give me a quote, but I doubt that they would know crap from shinola how to work on a Smart......

Wow!  Have no idea why the reluctance to quote the price on a standard brake service - most shops have a "per axle" price for new pads & rotors.  Anyway, the brakes on the smart are just plain old discs in front, drums in the back.  Parts are available through AutoZone, etc. (although the rear shoes seem hard to find) or you could buy them at the dealer ($$$) and have an independent shop install them.  Hope you get something worked out.

Yea, couldn't understand this either. Most people like to know ahead of time what to expect in the way of cost BEFORE your car is in the dealer's shop, up on a rack,. with the tires off, or whatever. I know my wife and I do. Perhaps this dealer feels that 99% of their clients wouldn't say "well, that's too much for brakes, put the wheels back on, and I'll go elsewhere".

Didn't know exactly about what type of brakes a Smart has, so will have to look into an independent shop I guess. I would think they'd have to be less expensive. The one brake job for $695 above is WAY too expensive..

You can order EBC brake pads via eBay for about $70.  Not sure about rear brake shoes.  If you can find out what your M-B dealer's labor rate is, that can help.   Mine is $100/hour and said they could install new disc pads in an hour or so.  Allowing for parts and shop supplies, taxes, etc., your cost for a complete brake job might be in the $275 - $400 range at an independent shop.  I agree though.  $695 for a Smart brake job is highway robbery.

Thanks Joe and JW for the info!

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