I was wondering if anyone could recommend a car cover that would protect my smart car against hail damage. Obviously, the cheaper the better. Thanks in advance!


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That would be ideal but I don't have one. :(

If you're talking serious hail I don't think there's a car cover that will do what you want. You might look into one of those small portable garage things that are at Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, etc.

I don't think any car cover will protect from a severe hail storm.  I have had good service from California Custom car covers and used several over the years on cars and pick up trucks.  They are padded on the inside and may offer some relief from hail.  Here in Florida, mine have lasted about two years due the the heat and humidity.

 I saw this being tested on "Invention USA" a few days ago.


looks like they are in production (check out their website)?


from personal experience, the smart is almost hail proof (depending on size and intensity of hail).

Plastic (or fabric) roof, plastic panels, no horizontal metal surfaces to get damaged?

Wow! That is some serious protection Wallace!

Alexander and all,

We are not yet in production, we are in funding mode.  We will be on the market within a few months of funding.  The goal is to be on the market by the time the "hail season" starts in the US in March 2013.  Please check out our website at www.hailprotector.com.  Our car Hail Protector is a system.  A highly protective cover and an early warning hail alert service via mobile application.  Your hail forecast at the start of your day (updated as it changes) + 30 to 60 minute heads up ALERT to hail or the potential of hail as storms approach + a 5 minute installation and 5 minute remote controlled activation.  This is a passion to stop something that has so many across the world at a loss for a solution.  Thanks all.  Michael Siciliano

Alexander Quiñones said:

Wow! That is some serious protection Wallace!

TWC was reporting possible large sized hail in a storm that was heading our way last week and all I could think of was taking my thick quilt or comforter out and covering my 2008 smart car fortwo and using clamps on the corners to hold it on. I thought it would cushion the blow of large hail and then throw the comforter or quilt in the washer. The storm missed me.

I now KNOW I can count on Terri for resourceful ideas next time a storm comes around!

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