I have a 2008 Cabrio.  After a few days of not driving it - went out to find a dead battery.  I read about the issues with the auto-headlights and wipers draining the battery.  I am suprised it hasn't happened sooner (I bought the car in December).

Now the issue is that I can't get the car in to neutral.  I would like to push it out of the garage for better access to the battery but the gear shift won't budge.  I am sure the answer is out there somewhere, I can't seem to find it with search.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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1. is the car under a service warrenty (sorry for spelling)  if so take it mb check that out might not cost u a thing

2.  so get a replacement battery and change it out

sorry for not being more help but only had car a few months and my car has a 4 year warrenty on it

do not know if battery is included in it

know this might not be answer u want but trying to help suggest u call mb

Try this: http://www.smartcarofamerica.com/forums/f25/shifter-stuck-park-here...

The yellow lever under the shifter console should unlock the shifter and let you get the car out of the garage.

Kristeen, let us know how things work out.


No warranty.  Do you guys suggest do-it-yourself battery replacement?  I read some threads about a better battery than the factory installed version.  Wondering if I should do it or call AAA.

The battery is an easy replacement for the average do it yourselfer.  If your car is parked close to the garage wall on the right side, it will be much easier to work with the car outside or at least where you can open the passenger door all the way. 

There is a good tutorial on Smart Car of America website on changing the battery.  I bought mine from AutoZone and it was an easy  replacemant for the factory battery.  Good luck with the job and enjoy getting to know your smart some more.

George how about a link to that SCoA Tutorial?

Kristeen, were you able to get the smart out of the Garage?

AAA batteries are high priced, but I think they have a good warranty and you don't get have to do anything but watch them work. They test your battery and give you a printout of the condition.


Of course the car is backed in to the garage with no clearance on the passenger side :-(  Fortunately this is my 2nd car so I haven't had to make the fix a priority.  I'm hoping to have a friend come and help me get it in to neutral, push it out and then we will replace the battery. 

I DO appreciate the quick responses from everyone.  I am a Toyota girl at heart, never bought a used car and WOW never used a forum quite so much to understand my car!

Possible battery replacement: http://www.smartcarofamerica.com/forums/f19/get-rid-your-battery-re...

Whatever battery you get make sure it has the vent tube to match up with vent hose in the car to keep nasty fumes out of the cabin.

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