I was very disappointed with the dealer network and how they managed the transitions over the past couple years.


When Felman imports transitioned to Lupient (Golden Valley) I was hoping it would be smooth but several calls to both dealers over some parts issues proved that was not the case, but then Lupient moved it to the old Saturn Dealer in Brooklyn Park (I have worked with them a long time and like them).


Now things are all up in the air again. I am selling the Cabriolet and moving on. I like the car but I do not like getting jerked around or seeing the businesses I work with getting jerked around.  Might be time to trade it in.


Any news on when a Minneapolis area dealer will be opened? 


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Mike, according to a Penske guy who was at the dells this weekend said we will know within a couple of weeks, NOT months. Expect it to be open by July 1.


Rumors floating around SCOA is its going back to Feldmans but will be at the Benz dealer, and not the standalone dealer. 


Please understand that this is not just here that dealers are closing and re opening, its about 50 dealers nation wide that are required to change.


I know this is frustrating, my seatbelt buckle broke Saturday morning and right now I don't have a dealer to take it to to fix it, but, I'm willing to wait it out, and I hope you can as well. Wait a few weeks and once everything is changed we hopefully won't see any more dealer changes. 

Thanks for the updates, I assume it will either be Feldmans, Sears or Maplewood MB dealers.  

Well, I still really like the car but circumstances being what they are, I need a little more room and the dealrer network issues were the trigger to making a change.


If you know someone who wants a Cabriolet (2009) that runs and looks good, I am selling, but they need to move fast. The new car might be here this week.

Ill Give you $1000 for it

Any new news yet on who may be the new dealer?

I have not heard, the car was sold for a fair value although I still like the Smart Car but needed a little more room.
Still no news on a dealer. Anyone hear anything?
just crickets chirping....

MY wife just got back from Madison for our Annual service.  She talked to some people at the Madison dealership and the  LONG TERM plan is to get service into an existing Mercedes Benz dealership back in Minnesota .  But we need to get EVERY Smart owner we know to call Mercedes Benz to expedite this FASTER!


Call Mercedes Benz North American Customer Service 1-800-367-6372!!


Call them today!  Let them know that it is an severe hardship to have to make a 600 mile roundtrip for service.  Plus, just like in my wife's case the Madison Smart Service center is CLOSED on Saturday so before you think...ohh I'll just go on a Saturday we can  watch the fall colors, think AGAIN it will be closed, so you'll have to take a day off of work and probably have to get a hotel room.

I've had a couple of long chats with Mercedes Benz Customer Service. They are oh so sorry and feel my pain but when it comes right down to it, the only answer is "get to Madison or Omaha." I cannot imagine that a Mercedes owner would get this sort of treatment. If we don't have a smart dealership, can't they at least service us at a Mercedes dealer? My service nag-o-meter is currently at 1400 overdue.  I have an extended warranty that is (in my view) worthless if I can't get my vehicle serviced in the Twin Cities.

Does anyone know of a place to at least get an oil change in the Twin Cities?


Check with Kia Brooklyn Park, they were able to do the service before and I think they still have a trained tech. Not sure about warranty work.

This is stupid. I have 3k miles left before next oil change and this does not seem to be resolved yet! I like this car and how do I recommend it to others when service is up in the air?



Just be honest when someone asks about your little Smart. It's rare to see one where I live because the nearest dealer is over 300 Mi (was 130 when I bought it). I get inquiries from those that have & haven't ever seen or heard of The Smart4two. I tell them what I like & dislike & that gets them really interested......until I tell about MB's so called "transition" that left me with practically an unusable warranty on a new car. That usually sends them running. If that doesn't do it tell them to take a trip to seattle in it. If it breaks down in Bismark you have to tow it to Omaha, Billings.....Linden Ut. They do have a dealer in Seattle though. That usually ends any idea they ever had of buying a Smart. They walk away saying "schucks, its such a cute car". Until MB does the right thing I'll steer as many people away from the brand by telling them like it is.


find a

smart center



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