If you could design your own smart center, how would it look? Would it have a test course, booths giving away swag, and areas with tutorials on the vehicle?

We want to hear your opinions, so let us know.

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a test course would be a great idea. i would have areas teaching about the car. i would also have a bigger area for swag. it would have all basic models and some that are a little more customized so prospective buyers can see the difference between basic and customized and see what it could look like if they do decide to customize the car. and then i would have a decent size space for car parts that u buy seperatly.

Great feedback, John. Thank you.

Keep them as is to keep costs down and add more locations. I know a lot of us have to drive 3+ hours to get to a smart center.

I agree just stopped by the new Mercedes dealership here in Fairfield and was told they were turned down when they asked to have a smart service center.  It is 50 miles to one and 50+ plus two bridge tolls to the other here in northern california.  If you want more Smarts on the road you need to provide easy service too

Kathleen where are you located. We know finding a near by dealer can be difficult, we service smarts in Southern California at SMARTMADNESS

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