I hate always having people tell me that my car is so unsafe and small.and I have gone thru the whole safety cell speech a thousand time.ending in the same come back "still too small for me" or "I doubt you would live thru a crash with an suv".
Do any other smart drivers go thru this?

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Forest said:
I cant afford what I can fit in them

That is so true! This past Christmas I brought home a 6 foot tall life-size santa (don't ask) two large living room lamps with shades, and 6 bags of groceries. All at the same time and still with room to spare. In fact, I find there is much more room in my smart, than I had in my Corvette.
My other car is a BMW Z3, so I feel as though with the smart, I finally have room to carry things home from Costco. I do tire of the "don't you feel scared on the freeway?" questions, but I tell them that the car makes me a better driver, and is probably the safest car I've ever owned should I get in an accident.
I'm getting tired of the "I'd hate to be hit by a semi in that thing".. I usually respond by asking them what car they would "LOVE" to be in when they get hit by a semi.... Or if they are not too rude in their tone I ask them what they drive and proceed to compare safety ratings and airbag count. For the most part as some have said here before, people will just spew out comments they have heard on tv or in biassed articles without much thought. We have to face it that while it is called "common sense" it sure is far from COMMON!
Just smile and tell them they won't be asked to go for a ride.. When they say you will die in that thing, reply with a maniacal grin and say "WHEN????"
On a Freakenomics podcast I heard this claim from the data-driven economist: if the only thing you could die from is a car crash, and if you did nothing but drive all day long, everyday, then your life span would be 250 years. The hype of the dangers of driving, especially in this day and age, is misplaced, and was used in part to drive SUV sales
Eric: Kinda had a laugh about your run-in with the Durango driver. He's calling the Smart a death-trap.... yet (unless they changed the design from how my '99 Durango was) his gas tank is nicely strapped up underneath his driver seat.... and with a LONG wheelbase.... i wouldn't wanna possibly get T-Boned in it (or any other car for that matter).

Most i've really ever heard was people saying that it can't be safe to drive..... and i just tell them that it's built like a racecar roll cage.... and they then say "Really?" and seem a bit more intrigued by the car.
Most of the time, even being an introvert, I welcome comments and questions. I take it as an opportunity to proselytize! :) I mostly just say that I love my car, but I understand its not for everyone. I also like to say, "It's bigger on the inside than on the outside." That really applies to both space and safety. And if they're not convinced, I don't feel defensive--people feel safe in different environments and it's not necessarily tied to reality. But I do feel defensive for some reason when people ask what gas milege I get--and then they say, "That's all??"
feel free to use any of these ..... I just tell them for years I drove Volvo's because they were safe, now with no kids in tow I'm driving the safest car in the size I need!

I'd kinda halfway wanted a Benz next...then they made half of one.... i knew it was Karma.

Well... I'm not required to wear a helmet in California.

you see..It's got a tridion cell ...point out the black(or silver) and say, ever see an indy car hit the wall at 200mph and the driver walk away from that lil old cage ...that's what this is! next ask ,what safety design transportation you own? then when they say a blah blah ..I say well no wonder you're so concerned with dieing in an automobile accident..... that's why I bought this Smart...

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