What do you listen to while you're driving?  Share your favorite tunes with your fellow smart insiders, and let us know what you would put on your driving playlist.


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Anything smooth jazz or "classic" country or "classic" rock. Can you tell I'm a baby boomer?

I have an aftermarket Pioneer HD radio in my Smart car. I listen to classical symphonic music in HD at every opportunity.

Everything, but I listen to a lot of Jazz and Classical music too.  World music is great!  I have some French CDs that are very soothing... and Euro Lounge by Putumayo.

Since the 'Stereo' in spice will play a CD with mp3's on it. We made one CD with hours of our favorite music on it including many local Musicians based in Florida. Here's two:

Dan Walters and Beth McKee

The mp3 disc ranges from Rock to Folk and all points in between including Frank Zappa. Sadly the Radio gets little use (not that we missing much there, lol).  

Rock on 'wid your smart selfs dude!




I am not wired for music (I am tone deaf)

so all my radio presets are news, weather, and traffic related talk radio?

all the audio on my iphone are audio books.

A waste for me to get the surround sound package, but since it will be good for resale, I popped for it.

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