Mine is not as common a name as Steven or Mark.  So, back when I registered here, I decided to give my actual first name a go for my handle.  I was pleasantly surprised when Victor was accepted.  Ah, nobody else has claimed that handle!  Or so I thought at the time.


However, there appear to be seven people who have picked the exact same handle.  Five of them capitalized their name, two didn't.  All seven are a single word, "victor".


Checking a more common first name, I find no less than 28 members have chosen David as their handle.


I've never seen any kind of social site which allows multiple instances of the same exact handle by members.  And it seems to me, for good reason!



If this should've been posted someplace else, please feel free to move it.



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Might work better to use the "report an issue" link at the bottom of the page.
if your name was victor timothy, you could have shortened it to "victim", just a thought, it's late and my mind wanders...

I don't see any point in doing so.  It has been brought to light before, by myself and others.  I don't expect my post to result in any changes.  I just felt a need to vent. 


And, at this late date, what COULD be done about it?  Have all but the original handle's takers forced to choose new handles?  So, there are six other members with precisely the same user name as I am using?  And dozens of people with other exact same user names.  So what, indeed?  It's ridiculous.  And, I'm finished venting for a few more years.
jwight said:

Might work better to use the "report an issue" link at the bottom of the page.

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