The EPA has issued a conditional OK for E15 to be used in cars from model year 2007 to the present. Some flexfuel cars have been modified to handle the higher level of corrosiveness of gasoline/alcohol mixtures. Anybody have any insight into how well smarts are able to deal with E15, or even the E10 that's available right now?

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Your owners manual says it all - up to 10% ethanol is OK but that's it.
I sent an email to smart but have gotten no response. I guess they dont care to even
respond to the question. I guess when I get my 30000 mile check done I will ask then.
i've been running E10 for over 2-1/2 years, and 87 octane 80% of the time, i think i might have filled up once with 100% real gas in elkhart lake wisconsin. i hope these elections today turn back the subsidy of ethanol and give us back our real gas, we could probably see a 5-10% increase in fuel economy without corn mash in our tanks.

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