Now that Penske is officaly out of the smart game, and MB USA is in, what is being done to help out those parts of this country that are left without a dealer.  We were promised when those Wonderful independent dealers  were shut down that something else would take there place. 


I just checked the dealer locator and several parts of the country (entire states) that used to have dealers and still have owners now have no support from MB USA.


If you are one of them check in here.


For myself I have to admit I got a new dealer much closer than my old one, but this is now the only dealer north of the IL line.

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It is a great improvement, but obviously it's not implemented and in place as yet, thus the stories and my own experience of having to wait over a month for parts. Thus my comment MB is still dragging their feet, as this ALL should have been in place before the takeover. Three to four months is an insane amount of time to wait for a replacement seat belt buckle. And, FYI, I already knew about MBUSA having five locations across this country, as it's been posted before, and I read this site daily.

If someone can get me better contact info I would really appreciate it, You can send it to me in a private message as well.  I would love to contact someone and see if I could get this serviced at a MB dealer and get the dealer reimbursed by SmartUSA or something...


 I don't think that this is an issue that can wait 3 months.  

My nearest dealer is now 50 miles away instead of < 1 mile.  There is an MB dealer nearby, however no sign of them carrying Smart.


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