I think it is terrible! I put 109K on my previous vehicle, a Kia, and only put pads on twice.

The dealer wanted about $550 for pads and turning the rotors, I said no, thanks. Any recommendations?

On the plus side for the local MB dealer, they did replace my fan blower for n/c (I did not get the extended warranty) as I had complained about it at my 10K service but they couldn't find a problem at that time. That saved me about $650!

Mahalo for your replies...

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Depends on your driving habits and the type of terrain your smart is subject too.  Yes, it could be a possibility.  As far as normality, that is a judgement call.

I just did 90k miles on a set of factory smart brake pads.  Admittedly, lots of highway miles in there too.  But 90k miles is still 90k miles, and as many local city miles or more as the average driver.  I'm happy with the oem pads in a smart car.

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