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The smart has a manual transmission - which is shifted by the car's computer.  So, each shift is like you would feel in a car with a manual transmission and a clutch pedal.  If you want more input on when (not how) the shifts are made, you can use the paddles on the steering wheel or the shift lever in the manual (+/-) mode.  This smart video explains it pretty well: http://www.smartusainsider.com/video/video/show?id=2029424%3AVideo%...

Johnny Paganelli said:

Purchased 2013 Passion Smart,I never owned one is it normal when you drive you feel the shifts its kinda lunges each gear very strange unless you get used to that,.,,any thoughts??

Las Vegas

If you let up on the gas pedal a bit just before it shifts, the shifting gets a bit smoother. 

Thanks any little tip helps me understand this new concept ive never experienced...Once this 2013 Passion Coupe gets past all the shifting it gets real ZIPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYY....



THIS Car was Purchased at the Most Highly Regarded Dealesrship we have here in Las Vegas Fletcher Jones Mercedes..Sandy Wolff My Wifes Sales Rep was Simply Awesome.......


Dear Putt Putt

Question>>What kind of Gas is Called for this Vehicle 2013 Passion Coupe??

                   I tried the Paddles for shifting interesting when it comes to upshifting but when you start to decelerate then your using left paddle to downshift,,It became almost like why are my hands moving like im playing a piano Lol..I think i will keep in Auto and like somebody advised me little gas when it trying to shift into gears helped alot.


What year is yours It looks like mine Its WHITE HAS BLACK TRIM AND Brabus Wheels...The inside has all those speakers and 2 gauges on dash....i WILL POST SATURDAY PICS OF Car Named Rocky...

Jim VW said:

If you let up on the gas pedal a bit just before it shifts, the shifting gets a bit smoother. 

You don't have to downshift with the paddles while in manual mode unless you want engine braking or you want to increase the rpm's to maintain speed or increase up a grade.  The car will automatically shift to first, once you stop and then you can manually upshift using the paddles.  It just takes a bit of practice to get the car to shift smoothly.  I just lightly and even accellerate without flooring the throttle to get a smooth shift.  The car will also downshift like a regular automatic if you floor the pedal.

How do you get it in Manual Mode??

There are two ways to engage manual mode.  The easiest is to hold down the left paddle momentarily and you will see the D symbol change to the next lowest gear.  To go back to drive mode, simply hold the right paddle down momentarily and the gear number will change to D.  The other method of engaging manual mode is to move the gear selector to the left when you are in drive.  Then change gears you move the gear selector forward or backwards.  Notice the + &- signs to drop a gear or upshift to the next higher gear.  All of this is explained in the owner's manual.

You should use Premium or gas with a minimum octane rating of 91 If you use gas with a lower rating, the computer will adjust for it but your mpg will suffer. 



Exactly the way it's explained in the smart video....

Johnny Paganelli said:

How do you get it in Manual Mode??

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