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If your state has an online site for getting vanity plates, just log on and see if UNBIG is available.

there's a reason it will be available in most states...

I am in San Antonio also, maybe we can hook up. I work at Havel Camera Service on 1102 Basse Road. Give me a call.

andy benavides said:
Looking for the local SMART Car club in San Antonio,Texas, how and where should I look? Trying to organize a group for great arts event on March 10,2012

The Sundance spots are nice.  Perhaps having some with the tag line 'Want to learn more? Talk to a smart owner." We are answering questions already, why not capitalize on it?




Good suggestion. The team is exploring more ways we can drive traffic here as a resource for new and current owners and even prospects. I will pass along.


- E

I like the new spots, there is some originality coming through at SMART finally.  Now to get them noticed..

LOVE the new Smart commercials! Those spots are great and do a very good job of capturing the "spirit" of Smart owners and how the car fits into our lives every day. Great Job!!!

We're glad you all are digging the new Sundance vignettes.  We're very happy with the way they turned out.  Make sure you share the heck out of them in your social circles : )


- E

What bothers me most about being a Minnesota orphan is that I bought this car new last March in the Twin Cities, was told by the dealer that MB would be servicing my vehicle, and yet smart corporate or MB has made absolutely no attempt to contact me personally by mail, phone, or e-mail to advise me of my warranty service options.

It would seem that responsible business practices would involve a personal notice to the smart owner from the company if there was no dealership available for service within the state of Minnesota.

Making excuses for the local MB dealers is informative speculation, but the company itself would do a lot for it's customer relations if they might simply apologize for the inconvenience to the owners and recommend Madison, Wisconsin, or some other option.


The new fiat 500 Abarth commercial (in Italian) is REALLY good -- that's what advertising should be!  do a search on it!

I hope smart doesn't do much more with their advertising campaign until they have their act together in my part of the world.  The more exposure that the smart gets, the more people are likely to approach me and ask about my car.  I think it is a great little car for my purposes and my love for the car is contagious.  I hate to disappoint people when they ask me about it.

Yesterday two people asked me where they could go to shop for a smart and I had to tell them that, while I purchased my car locally, that now the nearest dealer is across state lines and 300 miles away.

I am not a salesman but I can easily sell smarts to strangers on the street.  I do not understand why smart USA has trouble selling the concept to all of the MB dealers in Minnesota?

Not only the lack of dealers, if you have one nearby, they could care less about the smart.  I needed a new brake-light switch.  They had to order it from Germany.  2 weeks later I called to see if it came in and the parts guy told me it had been sitting there for a week. 

They then tried to blame it on a short in the 3rd brake-light, because I replaced it with an LED, which has been working perfectly for a year. They said the extended warranty won't pay for it, so I owe them $1200.00+!  Like I got under the car and screwed up the brake-light switch or the LED caused it to lock in "Park," light up 2 panel lights and extinguish the brake-lights.  a Dr. or lawyer comes in with their Mercedes, and I guess they just pay $1200.00 invoices without question, but I didn't lay down for their B.S.  The adjuster is coming in this week to the dealer, and I know they won't approve $1200 for a brake-light switch, so we'll see what happens.

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