Hi All - I just got a 2009 Brabus coupe (LOVE it btw).  When idling, it makes a "tuck-tuck-tuck" type noise.  Do others have that?  Is it normal?  Thanks! K

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i'm pretty sure it's normal. As far as i can tell, it seems to just be the exhaust system moving with the engine and bouncing around in the rubber bushings that hold it in place. Either that, or it's also just that it's a 3-cylinder running at low rpm's.

And I, too, have a Brabus, and absolutely love it. Especially since i got a cold air intake and completely redid the sound system. haha
Thanks Ryan! So yours makes that noise too?
We have owned 3 smarts (currently 2). All 3 have done this. Simple fix by dealer, all 3 repaired quickly....
Hmm..... didn't know about that.... guess i'll have the dealer look at that, too, when i take mine down to have them fix a leak around the oil pan.

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