I'm starting to see more and more pictures of personalized license plates scattered about here and there. Let's start keeping them in one place. How about here!

I have a growing collection on my web site...almost 500 as of 01.15.11. They used to all be from Michigan, but I'm constantly adding to it due to the response of this forum post! If you upload a picture of your plate, I'll add it to my website, located here. Or e-mail it to me at billo@itibitismart.com.

Come on you other 49 states...show me your stuff!!

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While we don't have the plate yet, it is reserved and we will soon have it. We reserved HAFPINT. It is fun seeing what every one else is getting or has. Does anyone else (in another state) have HAFPINT? I haven't seen it - but haven't been watching for a couple of weeks.
FINALLY received my corrected plate. What do you think? I love it!

A "fishy" arse-end on the smartie

Close up
New IL plate. Hope some of you "get it".
I don't have the plates yet but they are supposed to be on the way from the state of Illinois here goes - ASMRT 42
My car is a FUN SMRT car!
Ok not a plate, but I stole this idea from someone else here. $10 at Kinkos.
Just got our plate in the mail (everyone calls my wife Ce) and we finally decided on a plate. Really goes good with the color of the car too.
Short & Simple
Lot of entries here. Why don't you pick a first, second, and third place winner.
Thanks to Gail Gold of NH. After seeing her "ITSACAR", I went to California DMV and was able to obtain "ITZA CAR". Now, do we add something clever in the license plate Frame? Has anyone stepped furthur into this creative endeavor?
How long do we have to wait before we see license plate pictures that we have submitted on your web site? About 20 days since I submitted mine.

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