I'm starting to see more and more pictures of personalized license plates scattered about here and there. Let's start keeping them in one place. How about here!

I have a growing collection on my web site...almost 500 as of 01.15.11. They used to all be from Michigan, but I'm constantly adding to it due to the response of this forum post! If you upload a picture of your plate, I'll add it to my website, located here. Or e-mail it to me at billo@itibitismart.com.

Come on you other 49 states...show me your stuff!!

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Of course, my car is yellow with black trim and looks like a fat little bumblebee.

Cynthia Oakley said:

doesn't look anything like a license plate

I love my Smart! And my plates!

@audrey Very cute.

@ Audrey.  I love it!

Thank you both. I love, love, love everything about my Smart!

Great plate!!  I am a big vanity plate fan.

Very nice! I love my vanity plates. I hear people comment on them everywhere I go. Just listen when you are approaching your car and you will hear them. (Beautiful car too, from what I can see of it!)

I have Great Danes and my Minivan has a vanity plate that reads "DaneBus". I got this plate in response to the inevitable question "What about the dogs"?

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