I'm starting to see more and more pictures of personalized license plates scattered about here and there. Let's start keeping them in one place. How about here!

I have a growing collection on my web site...almost 500 as of 01.15.11. They used to all be from Michigan, but I'm constantly adding to it due to the response of this forum post! If you upload a picture of your plate, I'll add it to my website, located here. Or e-mail it to me at billo@itibitismart.com.

Come on you other 49 states...show me your stuff!!

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Smart S

For those of you not from Michigan, Go Green! Go White! Go State!

Using the "S" for the MSU vanity plate gave me a win-win: a donation for MSU and a SMRTKR moniker.

Love my Cabrolet and love those Spartans, too!
I haven't got my CA plate yet, but expect it soon. it will say........... SMRTEST

whaddya think?
mines on order with the state of florida it will say BE SMART
Here's mine in Phoenix

I was born/raised in Phoenix and still have family in Gilbert, Mesa & Globe.

Welcome to the forum!
I'm thinking about applying for "brainy." Haven't quite committed to it yet.

Hopefully this will help sway the Hummer/Escalade Drivers!

I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

Just kidding, but my state allows you to check for 'already taken' custom tags online. Probably most states do. I've got a list of 6 not yet taken, and scooped up a couple more from this post (from other states) which I haven't checked yet. All of the obvious ones are taken, naturally.

I'm still on the fence, but time is getting close for a decision. Then, I'll go for my tag. If I get there, I'll look up this post and let y'all know. I am not a rich man, $18K is a major purchase, but I'm leaning toward it. Gonna go talk to smart now.
My wife named our Smart "Maxwell". We have had to explain the name to some younger people that had not seen the TV show. Our grandkids love to go for rides in "Max"
Here's mine....

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