Just seeing if any one else has ran in to this.  My heater/air conditioner fan does not run when its wet or been raining.  It will normally start, but if I stop then restart the car, the fan does not run.  The other day it rained the whole day and it did not work any time.  And of course the next day (no rain) its working great.


I am going to have the dealer look at it later in the week (they are calling for rain then).  Seems to be happening more often, so I am hoping they can see it/find the problem.


Udate: This past Friday the heater fan stopped working again.  Drove 30 minutes to the dealer and just as I got there it started working again.... sigh....


Went on to the dealer any way.  Spoke with the service desk.  She called the tech out.  I started to explain how the fan was not working and he stopped me and said it needs a new fan, and that he can have it changed out in a couple of minutes.


In just under an hour, without an appointment the fan was changed and the car washed.  There was no charge for the service.


Way to go Cary NC Smart Dealership!!!!!!

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My '08 passion had the same problem but when the A/C was on. It always went out when it had been sitting in the sun and the inside car temp must have been 130! It is a more common problem than it talked about. Took me three trips to the dealership and a complaint on the 800 number and lots of documentation as it went out again the DAY AFTER my two year warranty ran out. I finally got approval to get it fixed and it was Free!

I have been having the same type of issues but mine seems to quit and restart when I hit bumps in the road. Since it is below zero outside I will have to wait a bit but it does appear to be a wiring connector problem. If I move the wiring harness around, I can make the motor start and stop.  I assume the kicking of the lower side of the dash is doing the same thing. A kick is not a repair. I am guessing a bad connector and I will replace it to make the problem go away.


There have been some motors that were bad and they usually don't start back up. I am quite a bit past the warranty period with close to 40K miles on the clock.

I have been having trouble with mine this week. Today I took the fan out cleaned it up, per instructions off SCOA. Works a lot better now. It was awkward getting it out but I managed. I was going to bring it in the other day because it completely quit, but then on the way to the dealer it worked again. Dealership said they would not do anything if it was working when I brought it in. I filed my claim with NHTSA (www.safecar.gov) today.

No heat and defrost in -9 to 30 degree weather!

I had this problem also, and the dealer fixed the problem quickly even though the fan was working at the time I visited the dealer.

I had the same problem but without rain. My will stop every time I go to a small pothole what we can not avoid in Boston.MA. They just replaced the fan for the  2nd time. I hope this will end the problem.


I removed my fan and cleaned the commutator, and tightened the connector. Still have problems with the fan shutting down when I tap on the motor. Guess it is time to look for a replacement motor. I might try taking out the motor again and see if I can take it apart and look for a cracked connection.  
My still under guaranty and was replaced for the second time, now is making a noise when the heat is on. I try with AC on and no noise. Back to the dealer!!!!
My 2009 Passion fan problem was fixed free at Lindon Ut dealership while still under warranty. Not only did they replace fan but said connector was heat damaged and replaced that also. Had to wait for connector to be ordered thou. Apparrently the problem stems from stock fan deficiencies which has been upgraded with an improved fan. I could 'thump' the fan housing and fan would start (or hit a bump). Obviously doing anything to the old version fan motor is only a 'temporary' fix. My guess is that anyone having problems (even if warranty is over) should present the facts to the dealership and the dealership can get authority from manufacturer to replace the fan/motor.

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