Hello I am new Smart Driver, and would like info on a stereo system?

I have a 2013 Passion Cabriolet, and I would like to connect my phone to the stereo system to be able to receive phone calls, and to make phone calls via blue tooth. And to play Pandora. I have the base stereo that comes with the Smart, and I have an android galaxy note3 phone. Would like some suggestions on the best way to go as far as adaptors or stereo systems etc...

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Thanks so much for the welcome, you are the first to do so.

George Oller said:

Welcome to the world of smart!!  I am not an audiophile, but I am sure someone with that kind of knowledge will chime in soon.

Sherri, you can go many ways. First, You could buy a "MP3" transmitter which will just play you music via a FM station on the smarts radio. Second, You can run a wire to the built in USB or mini phone jack located in your glove box (also music only) tune to the AUX on the radio. Third, to use your phone and play your MP3s, you need to buy a bluetooth transmitter and connect to the phone jack in the glove box. See the links below. See this post for info on the smart radio.

MP3 transmitter



Let me know if you need more help.


Oh wow! You are a wealth of information! Thanks so much! I will run these suggestions by my husband, he is much more technical than me.

Yup, I've had 'spice' since 2009 and I'm a confirmed 'smart nut'. Here's where I park my smart, lol.

Have an A-1 Day!


How does the speaker work on the bluetooth. And "yes" I am a HOG member, are you as well?
I'm new to the forum, so I don't know if I'm posting correctly

You are doing it correctly. Just be careful , sometime newbies reply to their own 'My Page'. So make sure to reply to the 'discussion topic page'.  If someone posts to your 'My Page' then you can reply there.  BTW, If you post to 'Status' it will drop off the main page after more activities come in. Have fun.


Sherri Brown said:

I'm new to the forum, so I don't know if I'm posting correctly
Thanks for all your help. Yup I just posted to my page lol. But I am really considering buying the speaker and bluetooth package. And it would be fantastic to have a Smart Club and have get togethers like us bikers do in Sturgis, but somewhere else other than Sturgis lol

There was a smart Nationals last year. It was held purely by two smart owners. So far smartUSA does not hold any events for the owners, like smart in Germany does, smartimes 2014.


Hi Sherri - please be sure to let us know if MJB's suggestions worked.

Also...welcome to the family! Many members of our community create events so they can get together with other smart owners in their area. Keep an eye on the Events page (http://www.smartusainsider.com/events) or create your own!

Thank you so much sUSAi for the info. I will definitely let you know how MJB'S suggestions go! He is a wealth of information.

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