smarties, we're coming to you for advice. A fellow smart owner has approached us with a question:

Hi!! I have a 2013 and I have a problem with the rigidity of the seat...Is there any type of cushion, brace, or some kind of add-on I can use? I need something that will make the seat a little more friendly to my hips and lower back

Have any of you encountered a similar issue? If so, were you able to find a good solution? Send over any seat cushion or back relief recommendations you might have!

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Don't know - a lot of owners have driven thousands of miles in their smarts with no comfort issues so this may be something specific to the person who's asking for help.  There are all sorts of cushions on the Internet but perhaps getting advice from a back specialist might be the place to start.

John point is good. See if any thing here would help.

Back supports search


my seat is comfy I might suggest (do not know if he has a medical issue with his lower back) you talk to your doctor for advice.

Otherwise I find has many different types of  pillows that might work or try walmart or a another store that might have a pillow that would give more support.

My mom used to drive with a pillow behind her back as she has lower back problems now she does not drive at all where she is over 80;

Hope this helps you out my friend.

Thanks for the great advice everyone. We will pass this along to the owner and hopefully she finds some comfort.

My dad has a bad lower back but when he sits in the leather seats he says its the best feeling.

For some reason leather tends to be more comfortable to sit in than cloth if you have back problems.

I have lower back issues, and for longer trips I have found that an ordinary "Pool Noodle" cut to fit behind me works perfectly for lumbar support?

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