I have preformed all the maintenance on my smart as I frankly cannot afford the dealers charges. ($120 for an oil change). After I do the maintenance,of course, I still keep getting the little wrench icon that appears on the dash. I am up to 53 days. How do I reset it?? I have done what it says to do in the manual and it does not work. It involves pressing the bottom left button a prescribed number of times etc etc.   What is the real secret. I hate that wrench everytime I startup. My smart is a 2010 pure with 7500 miles on it. Anyone have an answer ... thanks in advance.

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Howdy, Red,

I too have so far been able to perform all my required and recommended services, including changing the oil, which I choose to do every 5,000 miles.  Knock wood -- I have never had to visit a dealer.  My servicing is carefully logged and receipts for such as oil, filters, etc. are filed away on board Munchkin with the Service Manual in case the bad day comes and I want to show them to a dealer. 

While I am too fumble-fingered to reset the little wrench easily, I would not waste the time and effort anyway, since I can and do watch the odometer, and I just ignore the wrench.  It does not tell me anything I do not know already.  If it were possible and worth the effort I would disable this feature.

This is not a recommendation for others, but for me it works.  In fact in my case it works better than would resetting the little wrench, since I choose a 5,000 mile oil change schedule and I would have to reset it twice as often..


The best directions that I have found are on:  www.evilution.com/co.uk.  Watch the video and follow the prompts.  Timing is everything.  Make sure the button is depressed when you switch the key back on.

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