I have a 2012 Passion Coupe with the multimedia navigation and the dashboard gauges, so I have three clocks in the car. The navigation clock is set automatically, but the others are set by hand as you know. I like to have my car clocks set about 5 minutes fast, so that if I think I'm running late I find that I actually have more time than I thought (silly I know, but I have done that for years.)

Since I hit about 25K, I find that the dash and gauge clocks will BOTH reset themselves to match the navigation clock, and will also jump ahead 5 minutes. If I set them to match the navigation clock, they will move ahead five minutes. Once I set the dash clock the same as the navigation clock and the gauge clock 5 minutes fast; AS I WAS DRIVING I saw the gauge clock move itself to 5 minutes fast, and then when they both moved forward I had the dash clock 5 minutes fast and the gauge clock 10 minutes fast!  This week I just let them be when they moved back the 5 minutes, and today they are back to 5 minutes fast.

The shop foreman at our service department has driven the car and hooked it up to the computer, but he finds nothing. Has anyone else had this happen?

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Hi Cherie!

Can you private message us your email address and phone number? We'd be happy to put you in touch with Customer Care for further assistance.

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