Here's an odd one..

Last Thursday, coming home from work, everything on my instrument cluster went blank and the speedo needle stopped at 32 mph. I checked the fuse when I got home, found it to be blown, replaced it and everything went back to working. Drove the car all weekend with no problems. Yesterday, again coming home from work, the fuse again blew at the very same spot on the road at the same speed, which happened to be while accelerating up an entrance ramp to the freeway, which makes a rather sharp right turn.


Only thing I can figure is that there is a loose wire that shorts out when the sharp right turn and the acceleration causes the wire to shift to the left and touch something.


Anybody ever hear of anything like this?


The car does have an aftermarket cruise control from SmartMadness which was installed last summer at the Nationals meet, but I don't know if it connects into the same fuse (#12) as the instrument cluster.



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