I want my next smart to be a smartopoc! 

Thank you Bill Gates!


Here's the latest update:



I can imagine an opoc in a smart ev hybrid. No transmission needed. Great low end torque, just need a small longlife fast charge iron battery to complete the mix. ;P

While they're at it maybe now would be the time to make the shift to a ceramic engine.

I was impressed with Hofbauer's experience. He worked on the Boxer Engine and is the father of the clean Jetta Diesel Engine. If anybody can pull this off, he should have the brain to do it.

The beauty of his design is low emissions at startup due to an integral electric supercharger/turbo charger that preheats the initial charge so there is no warm up required, no glo-plugs. The second cylinder is coupled and decoupled
with an electric clutch and brought on line as needed.

Instead of using the pistons to move the charge into the cylinder, the turbo supercharger does that and accomplishes the required exhaust scavenging through ported sidewalls, a la Mazda RX 8, and there goes your valve train. The cdi is
familiar technology, as is the use of shaped piston crowns for ideal combustion
chambers only now coming together on opposite pistons. Shrink this down under
the floor of a smart along with an iron battery and New York to LA on a single
tank is a piece of cake.

smartopoc hybrid- Don't need no stinkin transmission.

Any body got a high density Nano Iron Battery you're working on?

Oh, By the way, the Electronically Controlled Turbo/super/charger is a generator (charger) that uses exhaust energy to charge the battery as well. How efficient is that? The parasitic generator as we know it may be going away.

Now, if MB/Renault/Nissan can jump on this, and package it for that new modular power plant for the forfour and fortwo, they won't need all those other engines. Now, pour that out of ceramic, and bake it in an easy bake oven, shove between your dedions and roar quietly...

I have my $99 check written out!

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