The SMART thing I did was traded in my 4 Wheel Lemon in on a 4X4 Ram 1500. Im actually saving money now that I am not having to fix the Lemon all the time.

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I'll bet you'll really save money if it breaks.  They tried to sell me a replacement little, plastic fuel pump in the little plastic tank for $1086 back in 2009, instead of locating the wire shorting the power to the fuel pump, which blew the fuse and stranded me 3 times.  Oddly, your Ram's in-tank pump looks amazingly close to the Smart's!  I found it here:

For $120 with free shipping.  Why does the little Smart's cost so much??

I think this is a fake post by somebody that never owned a Smart.  

If you think you are gonna save money driving a Ram truck, you are in for a BIG SURPISE.

mike s. you are wrong I was one of the first people to own a Smart car in Ohio 2008. I was on the waiting list for 18 months till they started up sales. I walked in to get my car at the dealership while they where still puting in the floor tiles. Just accept it the smart was and is a Lemon. And when the number 3 piston went out at 35,000 miles that was the final straw along with shifter telling the computer it was in drive so it would not start ( Left me stranded more times than I can remember). They also cost at the time $3000 bucks to fix when you hit racoons at 65 mph. which I hit 3 and to follow the proper maint. schedual it was $400 to $500 every 8 months to keep up with it. Yes I drive a lot and that was why I got it to save money but that did not happen. So this is not a fake post and I will never buy a Lemon I mean a Smart again. It is a local city car and better live close to the dealership or pay an arm and leg to have it towed.

Always good to see somebody making huge generalizations from their own individual experience with a single car.

VIN WMEEJ31X28K167249

So much for this nonsense.  It's mine.  It's on its 4th crazed sunroof that needs replacing again because Daimler will never recall anything and replace it with a proper top that doesn't craze in 6 months.  Company shills check my VIN.  Pensky said they'd keep replacing the top until the problem was corrected.  The problem was never corrected.  Bayer Chemical says Webasto isn't properly drying the beads before molding the tops.  Webasto isn't on the list for auto glazing in the USA, either.  Oddly, the headlight cover doesn't craze, neither does the little plastic window in the door.  Why not just fire Webasto and make the top out of the door fill plastic?
If you'd like to see the fuel pump bill from the local stealer, I'd be happy to post it.... Grudgingly putting my working fuel pump back in the car, they refused to refund all my money from their mistake.  I got about half of it back, never to return to be screwed again.  What a wonderful company.

I never said he was going to save money with the RAM, only that he will save no money driving the Smart with parts and service priced as if it were a Maybach.

Mike S. said:

I think this is a fake post by somebody that never owned a Smart.  

If you think you are gonna save money driving a Ram truck, you are in for a BIG SURPISE

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