From a quick drive down the street, to cross country road trips you’re probably racking up a hefty amount of miles on your smart. Out of curiosity, what does your odometer say? We've heard that smartster Kamaal has gone over 200k miles, can anyone top that?

Let us know, it’d be great to hear.

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4824 miles in 5 and a half months on my ED, the standard miles agreement for the lease should have really been 12k a year.... 10k isnt enough. But of course none of you guys thought that we'd actually be driving these things that much with their "limited" range huh?!

27,000 miles here since 2010... 200k miles is impressive 

These stats are good to hear. I only have 523 miles since March 16th 2014. But loving every mile. I gave my husband my Mercedes ML 350 Blue Tech, so that I could get my Smart. Don't get me wrong, the ML is a great vehicle, but I love my Smart.
CORRECTION I meant February 16th

Congrats Veganman, looks like you are currently in the lead. Thanks to everyone who has shared their milestones so far. Here is another one that was shared on our Facebook page. Cheers to Tj Sullivan and all the smiles and fond memories that go along with those 30,000 miles.

927 miles since February 16th 2014. And still loving every mile. My smile keeps getting bigger and bigger!

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